The average lifespan of a violent criminal is 3 years.  The longest
living violent criminals live for between 5 to 7 years.  This last
group is the small percentage of them.  Generally, they live for three

I consider it necessary that our school and religious curricula include
this fact so that our children may learn  early life that crime does not pay.

This is also comparable to the average money waiting period in the
hands of pen-robbers, political-robbers be they civil servants, other
employees, senators, governors, presidents, ministers, commissioners or
whoever they may be who stole government or public or company money
entrusted in their hands become rich.

In the years long past, local criminals who breakdown houses in our
villages suffered the same fate.  In this day and age, I have observed
many armed robbers, kidnappers, burglars and area boys suffer the same

From the late 1970s (Second Republic) to date, I have observed the same
fate for politicians.  I have personally known a number of local
government chairman, councilors, commissioner, governors and ministers
who have raised themselves to high pedestals on stolen public funds
come down into penury in less than three years.

May be this would explain  the do or die Nigerian politics or politricks.  These
people erect edifices higher than their genuine earning ability and so
end up becoming desperate and this is where and probably why they meet
with abject poverty or death too soon as it becomes clear that other
people would not sit by and allow them only to enjoy the loot.

Think about it.

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