I really cant understand where we're heading to,with all these treats,commotion everywhere and arrogant actions by the government:..

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Ours is indeed a nation in deep troubled waters, that needs the strong hand of God for deliverance.  Let us hope, pray and continue to believe God for a better tomorrow.
naija's problem is hyra-headed one and looks cancerous. Only God can salvage d country.
My dear if the country is good today its from us as well as if its bad. So whatsoever is happening today is from us i am saying this because most of us the citizens are allowing ourselves to be used as the instrument which is very bad
@Chidebe, what do u expect 4rm people who have been impoverished by d govt? Who have been turned by schools 2 roam d street? And so on. The govt have failed d people and have subjected d country 2 dc precarious condition.
The situation is clear to us all that we are wallowing in the deep...and the government does not ve anything to say or do..


Nigeria is a failed state. the leaders,the police, the legislators,the lawyers,the civil society and the people themselves have all failed.We will get a Rawlings very soon,something must give in.MUST. We cannot continue this way.


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