Messrs Shehu Balogun, Darlington Ehondor, and all others that have contributed on all the viable discussion threads within Vanguard Online Community, thank you for your excellent posts! These are the types of well-thought-out comments that I'd love to continue to see on the various threads within this Community. Let's make Vanguard Online Community a discussion forum that has something to offer, where those in "power" can visit to get an unbiased view of how Nigerians see their current and would-be leaders, especially, with regard to their effectiveness, honesty, probity and transparency.

This is the time for true change, and I don't mean a change in leadership alone, rather, a change in mindset. The ordinary Nigerian is, by nature, a sycophant, and I'm sorry if this offends anyone; I mean no disrespect, only wanted to make a factual statement. She/he has been indoctrinated since childhood to respect her/his elders, whether or not these elders are good, honest and trustworthy. They have been taught to covet and adore wealth, whether or not this wealth is legitimately acquired. It makes no difference to the ordinary Nigerian whether or not the fellow who returned to his village, built the only mansion and fed the whole village, became wealthy through the embezzlement of public funds, drug dealing, kidnapping, etc. Indeed, it makes no difference to the ordinary Nigerian! She/he refuses to see the other side of the coin. One good example is Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida. Are all those supporting his presidency, blind to his various misdeeds? Have they paused to calculate how a military officer, whose other employment was as President of Nigeria, ended up becoming a billionaire in US dollars? What was his yearly salary in the eight years he "served" as Nigeria's President? What about Olusegun Obasanjo? Abubakar Atiku? Some of the State Governors, like Orji Uzor Kalu of Abia State? How did they all become "super-rich?" Are Nigerians still rolling out the red carpet wherever they go? You bet they do! These are corrupt public servants that should be serving jail time and not running around free and seeking re-election. Yes, Nigerians are not only sycophantic and obsequious, they are also cowardly! Please feel free to offer any opinion to the contrary. I challenge anyone to tell me that I’m wrong in making these statements. I'd love to be proven wrong, but, alas, the truth must be told, no matter how unpalatable it may be.

Therefore, it is high time something is done to re-educate our young people (perhaps, it's too late for the older Nigerian, whose way of thinking is already set). The youth of Nigeria are the leaders of tomorrow and we must do our best to educate them on what nation building is all about. The most viable medium at our disposal is a public forum such as this one, and we should endeavour to effectively utilize it for this purpose. Thankfully, many young Nigerians now have access to the Internet and are more likely to access these discussion threads, to share their views on the current leadership in Nigeria, the state of the nation, the economy, job creation, and the quality of those that should be allowed to seek public office. This is the only chance we have to survive as a nation, because a continuation of the status quo is unacceptable. In fact, it would inevitably result in the disintegration of this artificial union of various ethnic groups, also known as Nigeria. Therefore, let's transform this online community into a virtual town hall, where key issues impacting the country are discussed, dissected and analyzed. We know that the best leaders are not those we see and read about every day. No, they are not those that are fighting and intimidating one another for seats in the House of Representatives or the Senate; they are definitely not those campaigning for governorship in various states. And, most certainly, they are not those vying for the number one position, the presidency! True leaders avoid the stink of hell-hounds! For this reason, you don't hear about them in the madness that is Nigeria's current political scene.

Your comments are encouraged.

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I will advice all to go back to Chinua Achebe's yellowish small bt mighty book 'Trouble with Nigeria'.If possible,let it b a gift to our leaders.Until we implement the Writer's suggestion and see things from his point of view,i bet u we will make no way.Make use of ur voters' card and ur voting power wisely.Ur votes counts
Prof. you have made a valid argument but i still blame poverty and greed for the sycophancy; not tradition. Poverty as you know can lead to all sorts of things like conflict. Until the level of poverty and greed reduces in the country, Sani Abacha can come back from the dead, be hailed as a national messiah, contest elections and be assured of victory.
Poverty is the bane of our society today. A poor man is pre-occupied with how to feel his stomach to utter disregard of anyother thing around him. Our leaders know this and that is why they continue to widen the gap between the rich and the poor. The essence is to make the poor poorer so that all his attention will be on how to feed alone. This is why attention of our leaders focuses more on poverty aleviation (not erreadication). As long as they dole out a little out of their much accumulated and ill gotten wealth to the poor, the poor will continue to be happy and support them. So far we have not gotten the leaders we need in the country. The people at the helm of affairs are at best self seekers. But let us resolve to make a change with our voters card hence I encourage every Nigerian to please endeavour to register in the forth-coming voters registration exercise and get empowered to make a change. Your vote is your power.
Well the search for credible leaders will definitely lead us through a circuitous route and am afraid to say where are the beautiful ones.The major players on our political landscape only qualify for second eleven in saner climes while our first eleven are on the bench in a tournament match. Else how do you explain the situation where our revered Senator Ken Nnamani for the sake of filthy lucre lining up behind IBB declaration? What of Ghali Umar Na'aba and many others.Or an outgoing governor desperate to borrow 100billion.We are praying for a free and fair election.Where we need to start is enthroning electoral integrity at all cost else the road to nationhood will lead us to a blind alley. While we struggle to enthrone credible leaders the followers must equally rise to the occasion. May God give us credible ,free and fair elections
It is very pathetic that the precarious state of our nation{Nigeria} today needs unchallengeable resurgency, the aforementioned state was caused by the old devish politician for their so called self-corrupt, nonchalant and lackadaisical approach to life. True, poverty remain the major reason why masses always falls to their fake segacity and kangaroo campagn, but sincerely speaking history will not forgive a conscious mind that fail to deliver the unconscious masses at the mercy of the oppressor. I believe with little reflections, my message should sink in, remember no event no history.
Proff, I am impressed by your frank talk. I must say it also baffles my imagination why we are the way we are. Harzarding a guese, I believe the answer lies in the saying "Dog no dey Chop Dog" Nobody is ready to rock the boat of stability, hence such characters have the impunity and effrontry to desire the Prsidency!! Until we have the messiah who will recorver all National wealth stolen from the year 1960 to date. It is not impossible to effect, though you have hidden it in swiss accounts it shall be retrieved by the persons concerned. All it takes is for the President at any point in time to go after his own personnal wealth first, before going after others. He should fortify himself for a mother of all battles because there would be war. But that President would have to do it with the "masses" approval.
the problem wit Nigeria is we the people.
we love money and ready to kill for somebody wit money irrespective of the source.
poverty is no excuse to stupidity, not knowing wot is right or wrong!
but wen we sale our conscience, well u can say some doesn't hv it!
bt wen u sale ur conscience to support a wrong in any small way, u would hv lost any moral right to complain abt anything.


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