The Lawmaker That Turned Law Breaker:Nigerians Beware!Shine Your Eyes!!

JUST, this midyear, a certain Nigerian national daily, reported the case of a certain lawmaker who was elected by the people into the Edo State House of Assembly, standing trial in a high court of justice in Auchi, Nigeria, for illegal possession of fire arms and ammunition, and alleged robbery.

It was learnt that this same lawmaker, had been arraigned in a Magistrate Court in Auchi,earlier this year.But,due to lack of jurisdiction of the lower court, his case was transferred to a high court, sitting in Auchi.At the high court, the trial judge, Justice Ada Ehigiamusoe, granted him bail with conditions he must meet to.

But a drama, ensued between the judge and the prosecutor who is also the Commissioner of Police. The prosecutor opposed the granting of bail to the suspect, saying that the man in question is so influential in town, and as a result would jump bail if granted.

But the judge affirmed that the accused has provided all it takes to be granted bail, and more over ,the fact that he is popular, will not make him to jump bail.

There are two key words here:’’influential’’and ‘’Popular’’.These two words are common in partisan politics. In a democratic or political setting, one is said to be popular, if he or she has good record among the people. That is to, say, he or she is famous.

In another case,a citizen could be highly influential without good record to show for it,such a person might be notorious and not famous.He/she can never make a good candidate to represent the people anywhere.


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