The Latest Leak: TBC Classic Will Be Released on June 1

According to two screenshots shared on Classic WoW Reddit and spotted by Wowhead, some players pointed that launcher briefly featured a notice for its upcoming TBC Classic expansion, indicating the release date is June 1. A pop-up advertisement is showed on the desktop as below.

"On June 1, return to Outland in World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic."



This advertisement was quickly pulled, and it seems that nobody was able to get into the advertisement (it quickly disappeared while you are refreshing or scrolling it). This could mean that the leak was a forgery, but it's possible that Blizzard accidentally pushed the post early and removed it upon realizing this mistake. Until now, no official confirmation has been made.


Whether or not that's the real release date of WoW Classic TBC, it is still a matter of debate among WoW Classic players at the mom ent.  The ideas below are from Classic WoW Reddit.


Jacob6875 said:

"It seems hard to believe that if TBC is coming out next month, we wouldn't have an official release date at this point."


Shrine said:

"This is probably just a pre-prepared article with a filler date that accidentally went live on the Hot news page."


Mysta said:

"A month ahead is probably the minimum, but they may have been waiting on this final raid testing."


TreeroyWOW said:

"Really? Blizzard has basically communicated nothing to players about WoW Classic and isn't releasing a new product with TBC, so there is nothing for players to buy. It's just an update to Classic WoW effectively."


Justbrowsinglol said:

"I think Blizzard should inform the release date of TBC six months in advance, so this release date (June 1) is ridiculous."


Gubigubi said:

"Blizzard knows that a lot of people won't have time to prepare in a short time, so it will reduce server load for the first couple of hours at least."


Blue_at_work said:

"100% Confirmed. Jeff Kaplan's brother's roommate's kids play with my kids, and those kids said: 100% confirmed! TBC will be launched on June 1, and pre-patch will be launched on May 18. You can buy mounts in the store. Starting phase 3, you can buy the Warglaives or any classs' complete tier 6 raid set from the cash shop."


Some players pointed out that this release date doesn't leave much time for WoW TBC Classic's pre-patch. It is just a few weeks away, so they have no time to prepare Classic TBC (Click TBC Classic preparation guide or investment tips to get everything ready in advance).


Some players guessed that June 1 was merely a placeholder date, or perhaps it was probably Blizzard's initial planned release date, but it was delayed later.


Assuming the release date is real, it's unclear whether June 1 is a pre-patch date or the official release date. It's also entirely possible that the advertisement was pulled due to Blizzard’s deciding that it won't be launched on that date.


There's a lot of mystery surrounding this disappearing advertisement. One thing we can confirm is that Burning Crusade Classic is on the horizon, whether this release date is accurate or not. Please keep an eye on our site: to learn more TBC Classic updated news. Now Classic WoW gold is on hot sale at our site. Whenever you need it, you can buy WoW Classic gold from us. Moreover, you can also buy WoW Classic TBC gold after Classic TBC releases.

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