The impact of training and development in organizational productivity

The impact of training and development in organizational productivity  should not even be overemphasized because it is an integral part of organizational development. The fate of any organization is in the hands of its work force, what you make out of them becomes evident in the organizational productivity. This Business education project topic is has an intent to identify unique impact of training and development in organizational productivity through detailed research. But on a lighter note, do can make out of training and development?

The need for employee training and development arises when there is equally a need to improve job performance. The success or failure of any organization depends partly on the makeup of its labor force and the quality of output. Therefore engaging systematic process of human resource development including education, training and motivation is functional to achieve better output quality.

What does employee productivity mean?

Employee productivity is an assessment of a workers’ efficiency often evaluated through employees’ output within a period of time. So there is provision for training geared at improving employees’ productivity, growth is inevitable in the organization.

When employees engage in Jobs and their contributions are valued and supported, it fosters motivation and high performance.

Now why is training and development in organizations necessary

The list of possibilities to be explored with proper training in organizational setting is endless. Aside from fostering productivity it also;

Help prevent avoidable mistakes through proper training. Training and development breathes new life into old task, help the organization adopt new and smarter ways of becoming more efficient with tasks. Training the in-house employees and constantly retraining them is less expensive than constant employee turn-over or training new ones each season.

Training and development helps employees and the organization explore diverse career growth opportunities

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