The gloom was evidently obvious, the dejection was conspicously vissible, the frustration was potently projected. Despair resigned highly supreme such was the mood; meleincholy personal will and zeal beyond redemption threat and only threat, the only motivation. Just like yesterday, suddenly you came like a thief in the night, as a cool breeze after a stormy and violentrain, as gently as his mein, and in a flash now, look all around; CHANGE! How this? A surprise in all faces, hope Resuscilator, detection chaser, gloom expeller, frustration replacer all and many more names given by resuvenated friends and observations. Senator Bola Amed Tinubu, you are the hero of our time. Rag Fashola carry go. Eko o ni baje.

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That also goes for Attahiru Jega my formal VC and the present INEC chairman

Is Bola Ahmed Tunubu really a hero?  You are writing from your own perception of him.  What is the popular opinion?


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