The four most sensitive parts of a woman (Opinion)

It is an established facts that a woman is a being specially created with many features.

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The woman is at the same time this double character who has a myth around her person.

Several sensitive parts exist depending on the type of person and depending on the personality, nature, and character of the partner.

We enter into sexual pleasures especially when we feel the excitement even more and deeply.

To get to know your partner better, start;

1) First by the neck part. Indeed we will say to ourselves but the neck is still the transition between the head and the body then filled with sweat and all. However, being the place where the nerve connection between the head and the body is more noticeable, the excitement movements are much more important.

2) Besides the blow, the left ear especially is much more receptive to the excitement.Often notice the desire you feel when using chicken feather for Africans and cotton pads for westerners.

3) Then in third place let us quote the elbow. It seems less stimulating but in reality the elbow is very sensitive for women especially since it is the link of transition between the arm and the forearm…

4) Finally, the knee. The knee in last position because it is the main sensitive part of women. In fact, the knee carries links (synapses) which make any stimulation effective. Some girls love to have their thighs touched, but try their knees first and you’ll see.

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