The FG and Labour Union finally sealed a minimum wage agreement

Finally, the federal government of Nigeria has sealed the minimum wage proposal presented by the Labour Union. Although the proposal has been signed and approved by the President of the federal republic of Nigeria since April 2019, the agreement spiked much debate among law makers concerning the possible implementation of the percentage of the proposed policy on all the salary grades.

This debate has quickly drawn my attention to the consequential issues surrounding the formulation and implementation of government policies as opined by research - see political science projects I for one, formulating policies especially by government such as the minimum wage is meant to foster adjustment for the parties involved. It brings to bare the exercise of thinking and planning to suit certain situations which will either favour a group or the masses.

I for one, if such policies must be implemented, the currency value of the Nigeria (naira) should be improved so that their will not be too much money in circulation without ability to meet as much value as it should.

Talking about the minimum wage implementation, that policy did not go so well for the law makers knowing the implication it has on the country since every salary level from level 7 to 17 will expect an increase in salary; it needed specifications which must be agreed upon by the federal government and the labour union of Nigeria.

Against the demand of 29% increase for level 7- 14 and 24% for level 15 – 17, the federal government of Nigeria and the Labour Union has agreed to implement 23% for level 7, 20% for level 8, 19% for level 9, 16% for level 10-14, 14% for level 15- 17.

Despite the Joy raised by labourers, there is controversy and a sense of doubt in the air about the possibility of the federal government to implement this new policy signed into law. They have raised questions like;

  • It’s not about approving the minimum wage, how soon will it reflect in my salary?

  • Can someone explain what the percentage means in cash?

Some corps members still insist that until the increment reflects on their monthly ‘allowee’, they may never believe in the new minimum wage policy.

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