The ember months are here once again. The months point to the close of the year. They are the months of mad rush. They come with  a lot of temptations. People hussle to make money so at to been seen as part of the system. Drivers rush to make many trips and in the end they waist human lives in avoidable road accidents.  Ladies hussle to make money to buy things for Christmas and as such many throw decency to the winds. A lot of traders cheat to make more moeny.  Pick pockets also have a field day.  In fact the ember months are the months of "unusual events'  But while we rush and hussle, just remember that after this year, there will be ember months  next year.  so work to stay alive to see another ember months.  Therefore, thread with caution for a living dog is better than a dead lion.

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This-ember is a time of spending and earning:::one really needs to make cool legitimate money because of the nature of our country

Yes they are here again.  Those who are lucky to have seen another Ember months should appreciate the fact that it is not by too much efforts that we survived rather by the mercies of God.  May God guide us even as we prepare for Christmas.


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