The Effect Of School Location And Teaching Method On Student Learning Interest

Schools are located variously, some in the urban while others are in the rural areas. It is observed that schools located in the urban areas tend to have more facilities, manpower, government attention, etc. However, in recent times, educators in Nigeria have been increasingly concerned about the need to improve on the learning interest and overall academic achievement of students.

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Teaching is a complex process, it is not only conveying information to students but how the students mentioned understands what is being taught and they can implement it in daily life. The method of teaching is a teaching strategy to achieve the expected goals. By applying and utilizing an accurate/effective teaching method, the teacher will achieve the goal of teaching smoothly. When the teaching methods are formulated in order for students to have a better understanding, then the goal of improving on the learning interest of students must have been achieved. Thus teachers should use methods that can support teaching and learning activities, so it can be used as an effective tool to achieve the goal of teaching and learning. Thus basically learning methods are learning methods that are used by teacher to achieve the goals in teaching and learning activity. The better and more effective methods are used in teaching and learning, the more students develop interest in learning which will lead to an overall improved academic achievement.  Therefore, the method to be used for effective teaching and learning should be of a grave concern to teachers and educationists. It has also been noted that lecture method commonly used for teaching/learning process in Nigerian schools is not so effective because the students are not given the opportunity to interact with the environment and maximally develop their intellectual capabilities. Teaching is a process of facilitating students learning through a proper management by the teacher of the interrelationships among the students’ interest, the content for learning and the methods and materials he or she intends to use in the teaching and learning of the content materials. It may involve giving instruction to somebody on knowledge, skills and attitudes with the intention that the person will be able to know the information or do something or act in a particular way that is compatible with the instruction. More so, Physical environment can affect students’ comfort and also their ability to learn. Students who are comfortable are likely to get much information compared to those who are uncomfortable. Unfavorable classroom can discourage the learners and they become less willing to learn invariably affecting their interest in the whole academic process and space.

A good school location and Classroom environment provides students’ with effective instruction and promotes smooth teaching-learning process and affect academic achievement positively. The power of the classroom environment is expressed in the formulation of situational interest as key factor in the enhancement of student engagement. Situational interest is the affective reaction triggered by specific or appealing stimuli in the environment. It can be enhanced through the manipulation or modification of certain aspects of the learning environment and contextual factors such as teaching strategies, task presentation and structuring of learning experiences.

The longer distance to school reduces the ability of learners to focus their attention in studies due to long walks or getting to class late. In some cases, because of traveling long distances without assured transport, students tend to lose interest in learning and in some cases may decide not to attend classes for that day reason why most of the learners are affected by the distance which made them use most of their time on traveling than learning.


The school is a social and learning agent that provides the environment upon which a child may be formally educated in order to attain educational goals. School is one of the institutions that is responsible for the development and training of the mind and skill of man. School is also for the preparation of man for the challenges and responsibilities in the society at large. Location of a school has an important role to play in the educational attainment of students in the school.

School location refers to where a given school is situated. It could be in an urban or rural area. School Location influences on the learning interest of students. The location of a school can either make students to look forward to going to school to learn or detest going to school.

Walking longer distance to school every day can lead to fatigue and hunger which may result to feeling drowsiness during learning as a result of walking over long distances compared to students from rich families who usually cycled to school making them at the advantage of arriving at school early without having lost any considerable amount of energy.


Teaching method is the way teachers deliver the subjects to students by using certain methods corresponding to the characteristics of students that were encountered. Each student has different characteristics from the very clever, moderate, and there is also less able to receive lessons quickly. Therefore, a teacher must be able to apply the learning method in accordance with the characteristics of students. Unless the students whose middle - low ability will be left behind in the understanding of the material that is presented. And it will make the students mentioned are not interested and lazy to learn because they have felt unable to do. Teaching method helps to determine the success or failure of learning and teaching activity and it is a unity in teaching system. The more precise methods are used by teachers in teaching, the more it is expected to be more effective in the achievement of learning goals.

But the factors that affect the teaching method are a protégés (learners), goal, situation, facilities, and teachers. The type of teaching methods used should be able to make the teaching atmosphere an interactive, instructive or educative, putting learners to take active learning, as well as foster and develop interest in learning and increase learning spirit; it can improve the learning outcomes and live up teaching process which is ongoing.

The method of teaching is a teaching strategy to achieve the expected goals. By utilizing an accurate method, the teacher will achieve the goal of teaching smoothly. When the teaching methods are formulated in order that students have a better understanding of the subject under discourse then it can be said that academic goals have been achieved. Thus teachers should use methods that can support teaching and learning activities, so it can be used as an effective tool to achieve the goal of teaching. Thus basically learning methods are learning methods that are used by teacher to achieve the goals in teaching and learning activity. The better and the more appropriate methods are used in teaching and learning activities to the student; the learning achievement will increase and can be optimized.


In education, student learning interest refers to the inclination of the student towards a particular subject in which he or she is easily able to connect without any hassle or hurdle. The student may develop an interest in any specific content or work in education. The necessity of interest in learning does not only mean that someone has an interest in learning about something. It also means that when someone has an interest in something it becomes easy and even enjoyable to learn about that topic.

When a topic connects to what students like to do, engagement deepens as they willingly spend time thinking, dialoging, and creating ideas in meaningful ways. Making learning contextual to real-world experiences is a key learning technique with differentiating for student interests.

Learning interest is a powerful motivational process that energizes learning, guides academic and career trajectories, and is essential to academic success. Interest is both a psychological state of attention and affect toward a particular object or topic, and an enduring predisposition to reengage over time.


The application of teacher’s teaching method needs special environment and atmosphere. It is important to create conducive learning atmosphere in order to get students interest and undivided attention. At school or at home, students will be able to learn well if the environment is conducive. Conducive learning environment is an atmosphere that is comfortable and pleasure. Pleasure in this case is far from sound and noise that can disturbances learning concentration. Pleasure means learning atmosphere is joyful and enthusiastic. Learning atmosphere is far away from the stresses and specific targets to students who are learning. The learning process can run effectively if learning environment supports the learning process. To create an effective and conducive and also fun learning environment, teachers must be smart to manage the classroom with empowering the potency of classroom and facilities that are available actively and efficiently. With using appropriate methods to the material and the characteristics of students

The relationships of teacher’s teaching method or model and the learning interest of students greatly affect student’s achievement. Because two factors directly affect the learning process which are the appropriate model of teaching and learning environment that will create fun learning environment and it will indirectly improve student’s achievement. learning environment and teacher’s teaching methods is a very important aspect in determining the success of learning process to student‘s learning achievement.

The learning atmosphere in the classroom also takes important role to the learning process. Classroom atmosphere should be conducive, quiet (it doesn’t mean that students should keep silent for listening to the teacher delivering the material), comfortable, and enjoyable. Because the students' interests or mood affect the performance of brain, if students feel comfortable and happy in teaching and learning, the brain will easily accept the material that is identified by the teacher. Meanwhile, if students feel uncomfortable in class, unpleasant, and it is not conducive so that the students will be bored, lazy listening to teachers who are delivering the material, students will also want an immediate end to the learning process. Their minds have been distracted and they do not focus on the lessons that are taught by teacher by so doing they start losing interest in learning. Student’s learning achievement is the result of the student’s hard work through a variety of activities that occur in the process of teaching and learning. And this case cannot be created if the teacher's teaching methods and learning atmosphere in class are not in accordance with the characteristics of students. A good achievement is an accomplishment that is gotten by hard work, seriousness and diligence, so that satisfactory achievement of students will be obtained.


Conclusively, the attitude of some teachers as well as their teaching methods can lead to students lose of interest in learning, poor attendance in lessons, lateness to school, unsavory comments about student‘s performance that could damage their ego, and poor method of teaching.



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