Any time i read comments on this site in respect of the up comming election,all i hear is PDP.i begin to wonder what happened to other parties in the country or are we moving towards a one party any other democracy you have the government then you have a strong opposition as people began to get tired of PDP they can vote another party. most people believe that PDP presidential candidate will win the election.that brings us to my question,are we moving towards a one party state'

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Hello Chris,
I have the same thought with you in recent times. I wonder why people are not seeing other side of the coin. They are leaning on the same failed party for decade. Some Nigerians need to be enlightened and nurtured from mire of romanticism they are possessing. PDP people have bought the mindsets of major Nigerians to loose touch of reality. Majority of PDP members are set of crooks and case sentimental with perverse ideas in handling democracy. As an Ideal realist, all I am appealing from GOD, Is that GOD should provide a realist for Nigeria. A realist that can look deep into the demise of democracy and embark on the survival of the people of Nigeria. To be realistic, all we have here in Nigeria is the beginning of aesthetic pessimism. Romanticism uncovered the deeper irrational forces of human spirit.
Fellow readers, I will like you to take an opportunity of reading the research and revelation of the Nigeria mystery of which am working hard on it to implore all Nigerians to get this to the back of their mind and seeking a various support to make it a reality for new Nigeria initiative. The link to the revelations is: It is all about empowering ourselves and get enlightened for a new era. Please, endeavor to read with assiduity. It is a must read article to examine the evidence you are living in. Thanks


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