A wise man said, the challenges of life is a learning process.

Before an eagle is born, they actually have a small tooth on their beak and that help them to break out of the egg. If anyone tries to help that eagle chick to escape, it will probably not survive because breaking through the egg is the tenacity and the fight that the eagle needs to make it in life.

While the eaglet is still in the nest it begins to hop from rim to rim. Later it stretches its wings and flaps it awkwardly. Finally the hopping turns into  jumping some jumps are as high as fifteen feet  above the nest the result of all these preparation is that the eaglet's first flight almost always successful and may extend for a mile or more

Between their tenth and fifteen week most eaglet voluntary fly from their nest. What happens if a reluctant eaglet decides to stay in the nest? It parents may decide not to bring its food to the nest, leaving it on a near by limb. Eventually hunger motivates the eaglet to take its first flight.

It is surprising to know that the eagle spend a lot of time teaching their young to fly. The mother eagle and the father eagle are demonstrating to their young all the time how to fly.  They will sometime push them out of the nest and will fly down to pick them up again (or carry them on their wings before they hit the ground).

what do you have to learn from this story?

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