To me, the task before the newly appointed chairman of INEC- Prof. Attahiru Jega is to systematically articulate credible presentations by sincere minds on how to prosecute the herculean tasks
of conducting a free and fair election in 2011. Systematic in the sense that a
lot of arguments have been advanced from Nigerians and concerned international
public on how to organize generally acceptable elections, he has to carefully identify,
and study such presentations, juxtapose them with the popularly sort-after
Uwaise electoral reform recommendations; and thereafter, fashion out a common
template or action plan. Above all, Nigerians (civil society groups and
politicians) should not abandon the task to him, we should be up and doing in
the build-up to the election time table and offer constructive advice or
criticisms where necessary to the new INEC leadership so that we can have
better elections than the disastrous one of 2007.  Yes, I agree with those counting on the background
or bio-data of the Bayero University’s Vice chancellor (former ASUU national
Chairman, member Uwais electoral reform panel, etc.), but beyond all that, is
the practical realities of the office, given the prevailing Nigerian situation
which is engulfed with nepotism, vindictive tendencies and corruption. Prof.
Jega no doubt needs beyond sound background to succeed. He will need more of
the moral support of Nigerians in terms of sincerity of purpose to deliver; as well as the national Assembly who could make or mar his efforts by their quantitative or qualitative contributions to the review of the 1999 constitution, and the electoral act reforms. He may not partisan politician, as a political scientist, he is not unfamiliar with the terrain of politics having regards to his academic calling as a political scientist; later as elected president of ASUU. I 
wish him well.

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