With all the religious and ethnic riots, which have taken place in this country on many occasions, claiming many lives and properties,  and all coming from our Northern brothers, it has become necessary to ask some pertinent questions like: Which way is the best to live with the North?  Is it better to ask them to fashion their own identity or do we still accommodate them as brothers?

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My brother I am not gaining or hope to achieve anything of personal values by me encouraging Nigerians to be mature in dealing with our internal problem. As you eluded to our unfortunate civil war of 1967 there was no mighty IBOs, mighty YORUBAs or HAUSAS it was just the time that Nigeria men and women of the Nigeria arm force was to call serve and maintain peace. I am not afraid of war if it is a just war but if Nigeria existed as a unified force No Hausas, Yorubas Igbos or Deltians can claim a monopoly on violent because they will know that they have to answer to a higher authority. Nigeria should be able to call any of them to order that is if our leaders have the political courage to maintain law and order regardless of what part of the country the perpetrators come from but by the idea of just cut and run in the face of nothing that is cowardnes in my book. I am glad you mentioned OBJ because even when OBJ was still enlisted in the service he is always a quiet storm he maintain law and other of arm forces regardless where the soldier come from in Nigeria we see a little bit of that when he was the President. My point and my hope is that our newly elected president will be read to lead by compiling the willing, able and ready team to serve Nigeria especially in the area of security against internal and external enemy of Nigeria. All of us Nigerian at home and abroad should be make aware that there are some things you don't do and if you do there will be a prize to pay No ONE in the year 2011 should be blaming Lord Lugard or decision that was taken in 1914 for what is happening today in our watch but if we don't have a leader that can lead with authority and make decisions decisively we will soon have an insurgency of no course in our hand. No one should be able to bully the Nigeria entity to a submission.


Mavos said:
@Bola Adepoju. I don't know what u may achieving or what ur interest are from this unity of confusion called Nigeria? Or could it be perhaps for fear of war? Who told u Nigeria can not part except thru war? And can u tell me of any country in the world that is as more disjointed than Nigeria? It only seems that the Northern 'abracadaba' is really working on u. The core Northern/muslims c** elites/politicians had pinned us down for yrs by making us believe they control electorate majority. Thank God that misconception has been cleared. And now,they want us to believe they have monopoly of violence and of victory,and that,in case,we want to seperate,we will see hell. Hmmm! But take a look at the present Nigeria and see who will really be in hell? The core North is,may be,counting on their struggling against the small ibos during the civil war. If they are stil dancing in that euphoria of victory,then they are pitiable. Bcos we knew the war was fought then by middlebeltans,niger-deltans and the yorubas against the mighty ibos,and that we only manage to gain victory at a snail speed of 3yrs. I wonder what wil happen if the table now turns against them. Imagine the core North threatening war with the whole other Nigerians. The threat is only coming out of stupidity and delusion just to intimidate whoever cares to be intimidated. When Buhari dares GEJ, 'arrest me if u can'- what an empty impunity. He is lucky that he is doing that rubbish with GEJ. Can he try that with Obj? So in summary,it baffles me when people begins to cry of war war war. Which war? By who? Against who? ...
i think crisis is a core part of humanity. Mind you, different people with different ideologies... There is bound to be disagreements that can lead to very serious crisis. But of course there can't be two mad men in one house, so one must be wise enough to find a way of living with the insensible one.
The Northerners will never change. The Northern elite have phobia for loss of power. They use the violence to assert themselves. They cannot compete in real terms. As a tool of control, violence is used to keep the south in check. In my opinion, the Northerners are ungrateful for all that they have taken and could still take in this country.
And for now they should have a rest bcos power is not coming their way any soonest. Majority of the electorates have come to detest any thing Northerner c** Muslim? South-east should start putting their house in order to take power from Jonathan in 2015 or 2019. If God allows it...

Think of countries with over 1 billion populations, like Indians for example. They have Muslim, Christians, Hindu, and Buddhist, but still live together as one nation. We should accommodate each other; problem is everywhere, even in our families, etc. It’s the responsibility of educated northerners to educate their illiterate youths, on how to relate with other tribes and religion. We should forgive and move on, till we get it right or peacefully go for referendum.

@Dear mr. Adepoju, are we going to wate ontil all north turn againt south. With all indications we are not 1 nigeria if we are all this things that are happening would not ve. Even as dreaded as militants are and as violent as a place like PH and WARRI used to be they never taget or kill any norther. What then makes us one? when our live is not save in their. Can all this atrocities happen in the south without heavens coming downd in the north? I thank the south for keeping their peace and to continue keeping it for the sake of the God we worship and not for unity cos there is no unity betwin northten and southen nigeria.
Not every northerner is as bad as we paint them, the bad ones are just a hand full that are bad, a few dissidents. We have had our own crisis in the south and it has made us stronger and more resolute and its those crisis that strenghtened our unity in the south, the unity that gave GEJ victory in the polls, the unity that will ensure victory in future polls, the unity that will show the north that we can beat them in their game. Like i said even in the face of intimidation and risk of attack, some northerners still stood their ground and braved all act to vote for GEJ and even saved some southerners. For this set of people we should remain united to be part of the road map for a transformed Nigeria.


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