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Get rid of hassle free content search of your saved or backed up data whenever you need to find one immediately by using the smarter and more advanced features of online cloud backup of Dataalign. Cloud backup and storage facilities of Dataalign are available in different product types like Dataalign for business, dataalign for home and for enterprise. The exclusively user friendly features of Dataalign cheap online data backup provides many reasons for the customers to have a safe backup of all their data without the need to worry about backing up every time as all the data gets automatically backed up without having to do it intentionally once you choose the settings like wise.

Business server data backup of Dataalign provides a cost-effective and reasonably affordable solution to all businesses that are having difficulty managing the overflowing amount of data everyday. All type of media content like photos, videos, audio-files get easily saved in Dataalign and it supports all types of media like 2K, 4K, 3D and HD videos. The storage and e-discovery solutions of Dataalign helps in cutting the cost by up to 60% of businesses.

The uniquely designed technology that has been designed to understand sentence structures and language variations helps in getting the search result by using just words and phrases. The advantage of Cheap online cloud backup of Dataalign is that it lets the user filter their desired result from all the stored data on the basis of file size, file type, owner name, date of modification etc. these points can also be used to highlight important and frequently used data.

Dataalign provides the server cloud backup solution with amazing features of restricting authorized access to data along with straight forward file access control system to users and groups. By this user can make the full utilization of available storage space by setting the number of days for which he wants a data to be saved and also by deciding the number of versions for data to be saved in at the time of saving data.

The version history option lets the user view all the history of each file and also allows to undo any mistakes if done. The online  data backup of Dataalign lets the user search any picture from tons of saved photo data by the technique of artificial photo detection. With the use of advanced futuristic techniques along with conventionally successful ways Dataalign has been securely backing up data of businesses since years. For more details and getting your data backed up contact Dataalign on toll-free helpline number +1 (844)3879959   anytime from anywhere.

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