To do a review points to assessing the make-up of an entity not excluding the rights and wrongs that it embodies. Accounting, being at the top of our list today will be taking us round the academic realm of research with specifics to the review of some accounting project topics which I hope you find helpful to your undergraduate project research as a finalist in the university.

The review will not just end with the discussion of the undergraduate project content, provisions will be made so you too can have direct access to the full research copy of each project topic for better enlightenment.

The accounting project topics under review

Assessment of the effectiveness of accounting information as a tool for management decision

This accounting project topic summarily demystifies the place of, and the effectiveness of accounting in management decisions of any organization. As expected, every successful organization works with plans for sustainability and growth; with this in view, strategic plans are made towards reaching the afore mentioned goal including keeping record of every detail and data that could amount to meaningful result anytime in the future when the need will arise for further planning and decision making.

When this happens over time and as clients’ preferences begins to change, organization and indeed their management plan ahead to meet up with the emerging trends in line with clients’ preferences.

This accounting project topic has a complete project written about it in about 80 pages and five chapters. The method of data gathering for this project research is questionnaire. You will find it useful for related accounting project topics.

Evaluation of effective financial management in a computerized accounting system 

The fact that technology facilitates human efforts should no longer be over emphasized. Financial management as it were, did not see light beyond pen and paper until computers and modern technology can to play and as a matter of fact, financial management becomes even easier.


The banking sector is one of the biggest sectors that has experienced drastic change in its procedure for financial records and management. The effectiveness is has created in their daily transactions and customer care is second to none.

The full project material of this accounting project topic is available here having over 70 pages in carefully researched five chapters project.

The impact of tax on government capital expenditure and economic growth in Nigeria

While some countries can do without tax, some can’t for some reasons. Tax is one of the keynote sources of revenue for many countries, while some is high, some could be very low. These taxes are generated from workers income usually referred to as income tax, tariffs on imported goods and one generated from companies.

For emphasis, a full research has been done on this project topic in complete in full research.

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