Thank God 4 de gift of CEEKAM otherwise only God knows---------------------------------------------------

Our greatest happiness and joy for idemili north and south in Anambra state is that God has really brought out a personality we have been longing to have in  House of Representative. (National Assembly), A hidden treasure of our age in the person of Engr. Ifeanyichukwu C. Kammelu (CEEKAM) (ACN party) so all the idemili north and south inhabitants, occupants  and city dwellers  and foreigners living within the local Government Area should  take proper note of him. one of the major ways to actualize the dreams of CEEKAM is to come out massively and register for our voter’s card in preparation of April 2 2011 for National Assembly election. One thing with Engr. Ifeanyi is that; If He Wins  We Win But If He Fails Then We Fail.

C. J. Akudolu



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