The history of web hosting in Nigeria is not a distant one. However, in recent years, there have been serious developments in the web hosting industry. This is more so because most companies are switching from being resellers for foreign companies to actual providers.

Elites in the country see this development as an opportunity to be the industry's frontrunners and, consequently, the highest earners. Sadly, all the said developments have been lopsided. Just as the industry experiences rapid growth in number, it is becoming popular for all the wrong reasons.
A recent study shows that over 90% of the websites hosted in Nigeria are hosted with foreign companies. This, in-turn loses the country revenue and affects the economy.
The major reason for this spike in hosting with foreign hosts is the frequent problems encountered by businesses when they host their websites in Nigeria. Owing to this, companies that hosted their websites locally have no option than to transfer to a more reliable foreign host.

Why The Web Hosting Industry in Nigeria is Underperforming
The underperformance of the hosting service providers in Nigeria is the core of the business and cannot be overlooked as they are the defining aspects of web hosting.
The following are the main reasons why the web hosting industry is down-tooling in Nigeria
Poor Customer Service: Customers support is by far the most crucial aspect of web hosting service. Everything bears down to it as it is the face of the industry to the customer. Unfortunately, this is one of the main problems in the industry in Nigeria.
The majority of the web hosting companies boast having 24/7 customer support only for them to be unreachable for long periods. Also, when some can be reached, their response time seems to be forever. This has frustrated many businesses and has led to them losing hope with hosting in Nigeria.
More Downtime than Uptime: Just as much as customer service is essential, it is followed closely by uptime. The uptime is the time your website will be active and reachable online.
With the uptime of web hosting companies in Nigeria rated at about 50%, the problem is
glaring for all to see. Compare this with foreign hosting companies that boast approximately
99.99% uptime, and you see why foreign hosting is the preferred option.
Limited Domain: Though this might not be as prominent as the other two, it still is a problem
for customers that know the use. The majority of the web hosting companies in Nigeria only
allow the addition of limited domain names to an account.
This can be a limiting factor for large businesses with multiple subsidiaries and wings. Hence,
most prefer to go looking for hosting services that can give them unlimited domains.
Competition on Prices Instead of Quality: This is arguably the most damaging problem limiting
Nigeria's web hosting industry. As the number of hosting companies in the country increases,
the focus continues to shift towards the market price. With this, competitors focus more on
introducing low prices that can better what others have to offer.
However, the vast quality gaps in the industry are left unattended. This has cost the industry
more problems on the development front and ultimately threatening to cause its downfall.

A Quick Look into Teqporte Cloud
Teqporte web hosting is a cloud hosting company that uses the latest hosting technology to
deliver quality services to customers. Teqporte makes use of the ever-impressive and reliable
cloud hosting.

With our full autoscaling cloud hosting, websites hosted with us have full access to our
powerful multi-server platform resources. This means that there is no risk of downtime and no
limit to website growth.
Cloud hosting is a technology that no other web hosting company in Nigeria can boast. Our
watchword has always been quality and efficiency. Consequently, we have been able to put
together a top-notch web hosting service that matches our mantra.

Lastly, with our hosting being entirely on the cloud, we have countered all the problems posed
by the Nigeria factor. At the same time, we have been able to add new things to help improve
the industry. This is all thanks to our diligent study of the industry and our commitment to
satisfying our customers.

How Teqporte Reformed and Solved the Problems Plaguing the Web Hosting Industry
Solving the problems mentioned above isn't just enough for our team of experts; we also improved the industry with some innovations – type of which has never been available.
Below are some revolutionary moves we made to counter the problems mentioned above and change the web hosting game.

This technology gives all sites hosted with us full access to the powerful multi-server cloud platform. In literal terms, it means our bandwidth, processing power, and memory scale on demand.
With this technology, the problem of slow server and website due to traffic is eliminated. This is because your website is not limited to a particular server but has access to all the servers available. We keep dedicated resources in reserve to ensure that traffic never causes it to slow down.
This feature cannot be associated with any company other than the Teqporte web hosting provider.

SSD Hosting
As part of our revolutionary move to improve the industry, we ditched the commonly used HDD Hosting for full SSD Hosting. This, with effective load balancing, eliminates the problems of downtime.
Similarly, we employ only hi-spec enterprise SSDs from Samsung. This makes our shared hosting the fastest available and comparable with the very best around the world. With all of these technologies combined, there is absolutely no failing point.
Actual 24/7 Customer service
Serious investment has gone into assembling our experienced team of readily available individuals to help attend to customers. Also, our technical experts are always on hand to attend to urgent needs.
Similarly, we have a broad range of platforms you can reach us through with resounding efficiency. Finally, our response time is unparalleled as we provide quick, easy, and effective solution to your complaint.


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