Tears Of Joy As Emeka Ikwechegh Declares Free Monthly Salary For Widows (Photos)

It was a moment of joy for widows in Igbere, Bende Local Government Area of Abia State, on Wednesday, following the launch of a monthly salary scheme by Emeka Mascot Ikwechegh, in the locality.

Igbere TV reports that Ikwechegh, based in Lagos with chains of businesses in Uyo, Lagos and Port Harcourt, had return home some days back with a promise to lift his people out of poverty. 

Emeka Ikwechegh, who hails from Igbere, is a renowned businessman in Lagos and had also served as Special Assistant to former Chief of Staff to Abia State Governor, Hon. Mascot Kalu, in 2007 under the leadership of Senator T. A. Orji as governor. 

Igbere TV reports that Ikwechegh had on Wednesday throw up a party for the people of Igbere, who had thronged his home upon his arrival from the US.

Our correspondent who monitored the event, reports that there were lots of foods, drinks and free items including foodstuffs and cash for all those who attended. 

Emeka Ikwechegh, while interacting with widows who had sought his audience, announced a monthly salary scheme for all widows in Igbere.

Igbere TV understands that the scheme is with immediate effect, starting from the ending of July, 2019.

Speaking with Igbere TV, Ikwechegh said “this is just the beginning”, hinting that he had more to offer the people of his country home, Igbere, in Bende LGA of Abia.

He also declared that he had a one-on-one interaction with the people and was able to find out what their immediate wants were, saying, “the ones I could solve immediately, I was able to give out items such as laptops, cash, sewing machine etc. 

“Some of them demanded for vehicles, motorcycles but I told them I am not a fan of motorcycle. So we are looking at coming up with schemes that we can do to enhance their welfare.”

On the monthly salary for widows, Ikwechegh said, “I had a meeting with them and they told me their grievances and how they have been abandoned over the years. I promised them that I was going to put them on a monthly pay. Some of them their situations are quite terrible, some have sicknesses so we are going to treat them and also look into how to enhance their healthy living as well. 

“Already we have compiled their names on a comprehensive list. We selected a leader that would help to disburse the funds on a monthly basis with proper documentation.”

Asked why he had chosen to return home to empower his people, even when he may not have any immediate political ambition, he declared: “I have been a child of circumstances. I lost my both parents at the age of 4 and growing up has not really been easy. I have gone through many hard times with my family and other siblings. So I felt it's the right time to return home and give back to my people, touch lives, help those that are not privileged enough to afford daily living, those that are not privileged enough to afford good health care or quality education. So that's basically my reason of coming home.”

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