A lot of politicking has gone on in Abia in the past few months which ultimately is geared towards ensuring that the current governor gets reelected. And now he is finally back in the PDP. What are the implications for other contestants as the signs are clear that he has come to seize the PDP ticket by all means.

The former PDP flagbearer, Chief Onyema Ugochukwu has already endorsed him. So is there really going to be a governorship primary in PDP Abia state

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I think the best thing Abia needs now is security of lives of the citizens and visitors into the state. Whatever Politics being played out there is for few economically senile individuals who do not care about the people who elected them to power and the vast economic waste going on in Abia.

I still wonder if there is any Governement in control at Abia in terms of socio -economic standards. More worrying is that Federal Governement seem to have turned its back at the level of ciminality going on over there. Could this be on grounds of Politics? I weep for Abia.
Abia people should rise up and tackle those who are tormenting them.That is when the Federal government will take notice.
Politicians and quest for power! T.A. Orji no doubt is in PDP to get the ticket for another 4 year term. But one thing that has agitated my mind is his performance in the current tenure. If the votes of Abians should count in the next general elections, I believe so strongly that T.A, Orji will not win for the second time. But trust PDP, they are master riggers and I will not be surprised if they clinch all the electoral positions in next year's elections.
We keep our fingers crossed.
Well it is left for Abians to decide.  T.A. Orji as far as I am concerned has not lived up to expectation.  There is nothing to prove that he has been there for four years and that he was part of the governance of Orji-Uzo Kalu for 8 years.  It is rather a litany of woes in Abia state in the last 12 years.


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