Suya Delivery In Lagos: Order Your Suya Online

Sometimes we just crave for something beyond the usual, a switch from the everyday norm of having cooked meat, fish or chicken. This cravings can be satisfied by suya, a recipe prepared by grilling spiced meat, chicken, gizzard,tozo or kidney over red hot charcoal. The suya spice is actually the key to making a tasty grilled meat, its usually a mixture of ground peanuts and cayenne pepper, this is the secret of every mallam or mai shia you see selling spicy grilled kebab.

Today we will not be stressing you with the details of making your own suya, but will be showing you how to get your suya without going to a suya spot, simply click on this suya menu and choose from the following varieties;

  • Full Chicken Suya
  • Boneless Chicken Suya
  • Meat Suya
  • Ram Suya
  • Liver Suya
  • Prawn Suya
  • Snail Suya

Place your orders and get them delivered under 45 minutes. The suya is made fresh, tasty and in an hygienic environment.

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