The policy of fuel subsidy payment was introduced into the Nigerian polity during the administration of IBB's junta when all the refineries in Nigeria failed due to no-maintenance.

It was a policy introduced to stabilize the price of petroleum product while the refineries underwent rehabilitation, and it was meant to last for only six months. Licenses to lift, import and market oil were issued to friends of the IBB administration who ironically happened to be mainly from the Hause-Fulani stock of Northern Nigeria.They were the new oil bloc holders.When the newly formed oil cabal of Hausa-Fulani hegemonists saw that they were making billions of petrol-Dollars profit from the payment of subsidy, they frustrated every effort channeled into the rehabilitation of Nigeria's refineries.

A policy that was meant to last only six months now lasted for over twenty (20) years! It is on record that the IBBs, the Dantatas, the Sawoes, the Otedolas, the Danjumas, the Abachas, the Aremus, the Abubakars, and the Dangotes all own refineries in neighbouring African country; those who don't own refineries out-rightly all have substantial stakes in refineries in neighbouring African

The middle-belt man/woman, the Ndigbo man/woman and the South-South man/woman were marginalized in the sharing of oil-bloc licenses by the IBB junta. Only the Yurobas got a little percentage of the bounty. Every other Nigerian trib/region were alienated by the hegemonic Hausa-Fulani cabal. And in the face this injustice continueed to prevail without voice.

Today, a diminutive South-South man in the person of President Jonathan Goodluck has braved the odds to be, not a man of the people but, a man for the people. He is championing the cause of the voiceless 99%.Fellow Nigerians, the super-rich cabal is fighting for their lives; they are using their stolen money to buy mass-action against the President's subsidy removal policy.

They want to continually enslave us and our unborn children. They want to remain the master-class.Fellow Nigerians, the cabal wants to "occupy Nigeria". Please, true lovers of freedom, stand up and fight alongside Mr. President against the cabal. Support fuel subsidy removal. Lets all go out on the streets and "Re-Occupy Nigeria" from the hands of the cabal that are called Boko-Haram. Preach it in your offices, in your homes, in the churches and in the Mosques, in the pubs and on the street that we must "Re-Occupy Nigeria" from the hands of the hegemonic cabal. Enlighten the undiscerning that subsidy removal is for the betterment of our nation and for the prosperity of our children. Go out and "Re-Occupy Nigeria" from the oppressors.

God bless President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and bless all Nigerians.

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Thanks for enlightening us about fuel subsidy. I wish the Ministry Of Information and National Orientation Agency make it a priority to air documentary on fuel subsidy, without delay. Your article is educative.


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