It is wrong support an oppisional party GEJ can neva trust him he wil stil betray him becos he is not happy dat his candidate lost d election. Dat is wat i'm face as d Vice President(SUG) in my skul i work wit an oppisition party nd d president is trying 2 sidline me bcos i'm not hapy dat my candidate lost nd i said i wil distroy d govt if he conts. So GEJ don't trust him again.

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If this is the reason y the interior minister was suspended by the President,it is wrong and ill-advised. It sets a bad precedence. The aim of the mischief makers will fail; Ohakim can never win the election,and Imolites will resist any rigging in its totality. Trust them!
Any weak or dead wook is never alowed in jonathan system of Govt. Ups to GOODLUCK
Was he supposed to be partisan, being a serving minister?


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