Sunday Igboho not our freedom fighter, he must face full wrath of the law — Southern youths

The youth, under the aegis of Southern Youth Forum (SYF), has said that the political narratives about Sunday Igboho’s arrest and his possible extradition to Nigeria should be of concern to patriotic Nigerians.
Sunday Igboho's trial resumes behind closed doors in Cotonou - Punch Newspapers
The leaders of the forum, John Atani (Southsouth), Fidelis Nze (Southeast) and Oladimeji Odeyemi (Southwest), who recently addressed reporters on the Igboho saga in Lagos said Igboho was not a freedom fighter, but a known political thug, smuggler, and land grabber.

They said: “As youths, we don’t think leaders who vowed to protect the sanctity of our Constitution should fold their hands and look away while some inept clout-chasers destroy the legacy of our heroes past when they actually possess passports of other countries.

“You can’t incite war in a multi-diverse country like Nigeria and not be there when the battle commends. Our findings indicate that the said Igboho was using his one-man show for personal gains but we trust that the law will take its due course on his matter when he is eventually extradited to Nigeria.

“The same man does not have his wife and children in Nigeria. What kind of mouthpiece was that?

“Those pushing Igboho on are aware of his antecedents as a political thug, a serial smuggler and land grabber, but they decided to deodorise him with the nomenclature of a freedom fighter to serve their interests, which is largely political.

“It beats our imagination that even those considered to be educated view Igboho as a Yoruba freedom fighter.

"Time will tell on those staying in United States, Europe, and other parts of the world who are giving moral and financial support to such a known social misfit.

“For us, this freedom fighter is not our freedom fighter. Igboho and his cohorts must surely face the full wrath of our laws. “

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