I will help you to secure admission to Indian top universities like: Mahatma Gandhi University, CMJ University, Global University of Management and Technology, Karnataka State Open University, Jamia Hamdard University, Periyar University, Maharshi Dayanand University, Manav Bharti University to study course of your choice like: Bachelor's of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor's of Computer Application (BCA), Bachelor's of Information Technology (BSC.IT), Bachelor's of Technology (B.TECH), Bachelor's of Administration (BA), Bachelor's of Communication (B.COM) or MBA, MCA, MSC.IT, M.TECH, MA, M.COM, M.PHIL, PHD.

You may also want to study 21st century hot professional courses like: 2D and 3D Animation, Visual Effects, Graphics Design, Web Design and Development, Android and iPhone Development, CISCO, JAVA, .NET, C++, C#, Ethical Hacking, AutoCard and Video Editing.

How do I operate? Very simple. You contact me if you are interested to come to India and study. You tell me the course you want to study. I will know the best university or institute that offers that, I will apply for you after receiving your details. A bonafide student letter will be sent to you via email. You print it out and go to India High Commission in Abuja or Lagos and apply for Visa. You get a Visa and buy flight ticket. You land at Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi. I will come and pick you with a taxi. We drive straight to your hostel room. Then tomorrow we go to the school for your registration and you start studying immediately. I will assist you also to go to the FRRO for registration. It is mandatory that every foreigner that entered India must register at the FRRO within 14 days of his entry.

Bachelor's degree in India is just three years. If you want to study any course related to medicine, engineering, computer and business, India is the best place to come. The only different between India and UK and US in education is just the cost. The top-notch quality is same. But while studying in Europe and US is very costly, India is cheap. House rent here is monthly.

Again, if you come and you are prepared by having an extra cash with you, and you have people in Nigeria that can sell things for you and send back your capital and gain to you, you will become a mini importer while you study. A lot of things that are costly in Nigeria is cheap here. As a matter of fact, India is among the world leading country in textile industry. A gorge that sells for 15,000 Naira in Nigeria is sold for just 800 Rupees in India. 800 Rupees is approximately 2,500 Naira. Then the ones that sell for 32,000 Naira and 80,000 Naira in Nigeria are sold like 2,000 and 3,00 Rupees here. Can you see the margin? You will get original human hair here. From 8 inches to 36 inches. You get original usb flash here. From 4GB to 64GB. You can get original trouser materials here. You c get cctv cameras here cheap. Laptops are also cheap. Samsung and Blacberry phones are cheap compared to Nigeria. In fact I have someone I supply Blackberry phone at Computer Vilage Ikeja. I mean if you know business, you can be studying and doing importation. How does these goods sent to Nigeria? Simple. Through cargo. You pay them, and give them two phone numbers (to make sure the person is reached in case of battery low or no network in one phone) of the person to contact in Nigeria or any part of Africa. Then within 1 week, the goods will arrive and they wil call the person to come and carry the goods. No custom clearance. The people will settle customs. By the way, the goods are not even contraband.


If you want to come to India to do IVF, Surgery or any other treatment, I will assist you to get a good hospital that is affordable. These Indian hospitals usually take advantage of foreigners. But through me, I assure you that you will not regret coming to seek health care in India. I have contacts with medical doctors who are consultants in various field of medicine. Instead of going to big hospitals like Nigerian version of Teaching Hospital where you will be neglected and abandoned, I have contacts of consultants who work in these big government hospitals, but they have their own personal hospitals where they pay 100% attention to their patients. And guess what? They charge less than the government hospitals.

If your condition demands that you will not be given a bed in the hospital, i will help you get a good accommodation even before you arrive. Most Indians are racists, so a foreigner getting an accommodation here is not easy.

Whether you are coming because of gynecological issues, heart problem or obesity or bone problems, i will arrange a good hospital for you.

Contact me today by sending me a message here on facebook or call me on: +91-9971941997. I am using facebook for now. My customized website will soon be ready.

Thank you so much.

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