Study Abroad with a Professional admission counselor

Dear prospective students, I write this article with great concern for your educational need in my heart. I care about your studies, which is why am pouring my heart out the best way I can as a Professional admission counselor. Before I dive deep into this conversation, STOP reading this article, if you don’t plan on studying in America because this won’t benefit you.

Now let’s talk. I want to be honest with you, I currently reside in the United States of America and I know the INS’ and OUTS’ of this country and with me by your side, your admission processes and your first trip to America is just one step away. Having said all this, I will love to ask you a few questions, before I can permit you to call or contact me with your admission request.

Do you want a Free Scholarship all expenses been paid for?

I know you are smiling right now saying “oh yes! I need a free scholarship” It’s very possible to qualify for a free scholarship, only if you have something tangible to offer to the school. If you are an all “A” student then you can surely have something like a free tuition fee, but until then, you need to wake up from your slumber because American universities are not a charity organization. Don’t expect to get any Scholarship if your results are all Cs.

Are you searching for Cheap Universities with Low Tuition rate?  

Ok, remember I told you in the beginning of this article that I want to be honest with you? That statement is still active and I want you to know that. Now, except for community colleges whose Tuition fee is from $2500 - $3500 for 12 credit units, the Universities in America on the other hand ranges from $5000- $7000. These kinds of Universities are considered cheap. I’m telling you this from experience as a professional admission counselor so, if you want to study in America be prepared financially before contacting me for your admission process.

Do you plan on working and paying off your Tuition in installment?

Let’s first of all do the math, the maximum you can get paid working on campus is $11 and you can only do 20 hours a week which is $220 for a total of $880 for a month minus taxes. So tell me, your house rent is $570 and your phone bill is $30 and your light is $80 how much will be left to put towards your tuition? Absolutely nothing! And if you insist in your heart to lie to me that your parents have the money why they don’t, you might end up getting out of status because you can’t afford to pay for your tuition. I love you guys so much and I am by no means discouraging anyone to study in America, but only stating the facts.


For simplicity, I have decided to make this short. Please contact your study abroad professional counselor MR VAN +19402286133 via whatsapp or visit my website


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