Student’s corner: 3 positive working plans to help while the pandemic crisis lasts

I understand that students feel lost now; lost in thought about the untold post covid-19 academic schedule. Perhaps no one ever thought that something else could pause academic activities as hard as industrial strike action. So there are chances that plan to mitigate such intimidating crisis as a pandemic never existed. So what do you do in your little way to keep mind and soul together as an undergraduate without losing sight of your academic career?

It is hard to believe that some final year students had to step back from their final leap into the hallway as graduates. Doing their final year projects from home is a reality they had to embrace. Well it’s difficult to cope but the luxury of time is what you do not have. However, predicting the future of school life and activities after covid-19 is unclear but you can focus on the available opportunities to maintain positive plan that is proven and working.

So here are 3 positive working plans that will help you while the pandemic crisis lasts.

Maintain a steady study habit
Indeed it is not clear what the future holds after the pandemic crisis but to sustain your academic performance and to prepare for the aftermaths, you have to make use of the available opportunities. You still have your study guide or course outline, that’s a great armor you own as an undergraduate because it keeps failure away if you so wish and constantly gives you sense on consciousness about every next topic to be treated.

Now that you are at home, maintain a steady study routine. You really can’t tell how much time you have to stay at home so start now if you haven’t; bit by bit, no one will question you if you decide to study a page a day. Just maintain and sustain a study routine.

Stay healthy and care for yourself enough
Last week I suffered from chest burn which was said to have been caused by eating a lot of fatty meals and staying at a place. I’m a hustler so the stay-at-home seems strange to my entire system – I guess that was the chief cause of the health issue. However, I realized I didn’t need a nurse, just a little workout would do, and guess what? It worked.

You could add up weight now that you are home or settle snacking without control which isn’t healthy. Make sure you keep fit; it keeps you healthy, promotes brain function and facilitate your daily body performance.

Identify new skills and fix yourself in atleast one.
A lot of online skill learning opportunities are flying over the web at giveaway prices; besides I think studying all through the time you are at home will not be feasible, you will certainly get bored. So register with any of the skills that appeals to you; it will give you an edge and perhaps a new learning and career curve subsequently.

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