Strategies for stronger interaction between final year students and project supervisors

To ensure a successful final year projects experience, undergraduates needs to establish a close rapport with their lecturers who would consequently turn out being their final year projects supervisor during their undergraduate project research. It has been reportedly stressed that research turns out stressful for some undergraduates due to poor relationship with their supervisors. Most of which could be closely linked to poor communication approach.

If that is one of the issues are scared to face or already facing as final students, below are subtle strategies for stronger interaction between you and your project supervisor.

Ask open ended questions  

As much as you are aiming a close rapport with your project supervisors as students, they themselves also wish to maintain their integrity and earn that respect they deserve from. They expect you come to them submissively. If you want that interaction so dearly, then you must be ready to ask open ended questions as regards your final year projects not the one that requires a ‘yes or no’ answer. When they end up answering the questions, keep the idea coming by asking follow-up questions. I will make the interaction longer, narrative and elaborate.

Mind your body language

No matter how discrete and close the interaction gets, be very mindful of what you say and what body language you showcase. If you still cherish the privilege of having that close rapport with your project supervisor, then you must mind your body language each time you go for a consult.

Talking about body language, it causes a lot of disputes especially among people with language differences in that what mean could be mean a totally different thing to another. If it is not necessarily don’t use it with anyone who doesn’t understand. I quite understand that body language usually comes out of impulse, but it comes out of the abundance of the heart.

Stay up to date with current events

Lecturers get fascinated with students who are native to current events; they won’t just rub minds with you, they will like to hear your logical opinion on the issues too. You could even heighten their expectations when you propose constructive and innovative ideas

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