Steps to Get an Ikeja Electric Prepaid Meter Under MAP - Full Guide

Electricity consumers in Nigerian have been complaining bitterly about the estimated electricity billing, describing it as unfair and illegal. This post will provide details on how to apply for ikeja electric prepaid meter quickly and have it installed at your residence.

The new metering process in Nigeria is carried out by Meter Asset Providers(MAPs), these are companies licensed by regulators to procure and install prepaid meters for customers of electricity distribution companies in Nigeria. Ikeja electricity commence the MAPs scheme in May 2019.

How to Get Ikeja Electric Prepaid Meter

Ikeja Electricity Prepaid Meter is not free. In line with NERC customers are to pay for the prepaid meters either upfront or in installments. The installment option is by regulation referred to as the Monthly Metering Service Charge (MSC), Meter Service Charge is the monthly repayment of the cost of the meter over a period of time and will continue until full amortization of the meter asset cost as agreed with the MAPs.

A single phase prepaid meter cost N38,850 while a three phase prepaid meter cost N70,350 VAT inclusive.

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