Stay connected with your study group using these recent networking hacks

There are many ways you can still connect with your study group without ever feeling left-out. In this article, I’m going to put you through several hacks that’s are cost effective, accommodating with bonding features to help you connect and network with your study team members.

Study groups are one of the best things that has happened to undergraduates since it has a high level of exposure to positive study habits. In fact, research has confirmed that in the Education atmosphere, students tend to find encouragement to perform better in a circle of their fellow than at home. These scenarios  are made obvious at project based tasks which often involves  peer-to-peer collaboration, and sometimes individual tasks like research projects often done at the final year levels.

Learn more about study habits and its effect in students academic p...

The sudden event of the pandemic however,  has brought us into our new normal which you and your study group can take advantage of.

Digital is the new normal. Connecting digitally with your study group is very possible, cost effective and require very little effort. You can plan your next move as schools heads towards resumption, take a visionary look at your next academic research move and prepare for the project tasks ahead.

Perfect online facilities that keeps you connected with your study group

They may not be totally new to you, but here is how well you and your study group can leverage its features for the best.


study groups are better when they are in smaller circles but if you have a larger number, then telegram is for you. No one will ever miss out as every discussion made will still remain fresh at every members end.

All you have to do is to create a group on telegram,  send the links across to your study group members. And if they don’t have the app, they can easily click the download button and proceed.

There, you all can share links of ebooks,  share your thoughts on topical issues and allow your thoughts flow one after another in a discussion.


Zoom has one of the greatest features which has gained popularity during the pandemic and post pandemic and it has been very useful for groups, organizations and, networkers and team members. And I think it is going to very useful for your study group as well.

With this great future and if you will be needing to see your study group members physically, like you want to have a face to face contact, I think zoom has a perfect future.

There, you host a live video by yourselves; the only thing you have to worry about is the data consumption since it has to do with video and again everyone of you wouldn’t have to be talking at the same time, it has to be one at a time.  Meaning that every other person has to turn off their microphones while one person speaks at a time.

With good network connectivity,  zoom is just perfect for you and you study guys.

Whatsapp group presentations:

With a smartphone, you can easily create  a WhatsApp group, organise and share presentation sessions among your study group members.

Education research projects over the years has projected that students learn to fit in faster with learning when they study to teach their peers. Doing so helps them break down the lessons into bits of knowledge than their teacher.  That alone makes learning memorable and fun. You may decide to organise and share the responsibilities among yourselves, making each member an active participant in the group.

Although these web applications can serve as a stand alone group study facility,  you can leverage them for different occasions and purposes just you and your study group.


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