Hi friends, there a temptation or complication round me now...,my #1000 gets lost abt 2hrs past, my food items have finished, my acct. is red' accept #500 left wit me in de hostel, and to travel now may not bring solution to my hunger since my Mum says there are bad market and moreova i'm suppose to wait and write exam till thursday, again my roommate left to her friends' house yestaday.. But de complicatn or temptatn here is dat a guy(a student like me, not even a worker) is asking me out, i' knowing too well he wil want smthing in return. Now! What do you suggest i do?

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U already know he will ask for something,Don't take his money if u are not ready for the 'Something' Go back to ur mother and take any little she will offer u.Unless u are interested in that 'Something' if not,Forget him.
Use what u have to get what u want. Lol. But plz don't do somthing which will cau..
Even b4 u posted this, u have already made up ur mind what to do. So i would suggest u do exactly what ur mind told you to do. But which ever one u choose have it's consiquence:Follow the Guy and be a cheap girl! Or u leave him let hunger kill you!
To all of you dat replied..thank you,,. Although some gives good advice while some use it as an opportunity to state how narrow their state of mind is.. But all de same datz issues of discussions 4u.

Thank God you still have N500 left.  Manage it till you write your exams and then travel to meet your parents.  Where it becomes extremely difficult to cope, meet any of your intimate friends for assistance.  As for the guy, do not bring him in the picture since you already know his mindset.  Good luck.

there must be time of hardship and time of aboundance. I believe that the time you are into is time of difficulty. you can not die because of hunger but my advice as a student is for you to remain focus.Or didn't you have a male casual friend that you share burden with, if not meet that your friend and tell him reason he should help. bye....................


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