The state of the nation

When a people set out to vote for a man who keeps begging us to pray, I begin to imagine, we shouldn’t have spent such a whopping sum to elect prophet as we have so many in the land. Even Joshua at a time picked up the sword and slain the enemies of Israel. If David prayed all his life, perhaps, he would not have ruled Israel, since Goliath was hell bent on destroying it. It is depressive enough that I have to write this, but it is true enough that we have hit a dead end. The road to our national unity have hit a stalemate, we either pave further way ahead or look by the side for possible disintegration, look, before you accuse me of tribalism, I warn you, it is not an option nor a choice, it is the only way, the height of our Dilemma. If you are reading this, it means you know the very challenge we have faced as a people, whose co-existence was necessitated by the greed of the west and continuously enforced and held onto by the benefiting few, by whichever name so called.
Youths of Nigeria, we are so much afraid of death, that we live like dead people, still and confined. I pity you, you are hopeful of becoming a lawyer, a politician or whatever in Nigeria, are you sure you are not next? God forbid that you are, but I am sure that was the same statement made by those who died just yesterday while saying those prayers there and then. It is apparent that life is no longer safe in this nation of ours, but it is no less obvious either, that the social contract of protection we have with our government are not only breached, raped but blatantly abandoned, in so far as they use the whole of the Nigerian men in uniform to safeguard themselves, the rest of us can burn to ashes, well, it is good news for them either way, the resources gets even bigger.
Youths of Nigeria, only one thing is sure in life, there is death, some die in accidents, remember DANA153, some even without being known, some by the bombs, if we must die, let us die trying to live. I call on the Nigerian youths to stand up for what is ours, if we can’t have good life, good water, good electricity, good roads, we have at least the right to our own lives. Do we have to stand and watch them sniffle out the life in us like a wind unto a burning candle? The answer is yours to say, but bear in mind, they don’t care.

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You have valid points my dear.  We cannot continue to pretend for too long that all is well, when in fact it is not.  It is either we confront this monster now and continue as a nation or we split and go our different ways.  I am not sure there is any region in this country that cannot stay independent of the other.  Enough is enough.

Everybody knows the problem of this country, everybody seems to have the solution. Why are we still in the wood?


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