whenever i think about this nation,i am always ashame, how i wish i was not born in this country. But i believe by God's grace things will change for beter.
The state of the nation can be view from the followings:
1. Unemloyment
2. Insecurity
3. Corruption
4. Poverty
5. Trabalism
6. Infastructural decay
7. Electoral malpractice
8. Gross inconpetent (political leaders, all levels)
10. Napotism
With the presence of all these demons in one nation, how do you expect that nation to progress
please all the readers should do the jugding. Thanks

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From all you listed corruption is the boss.Its the master minder, the culprit etc.So we must fight it.How?By the youths of this country coming together and devoid themselves of any form of selfishness and do the right things to move the country forward.WE MUST NEVER THINK OF DIVIDING THIS NATION.NEVER. IN WORLD POLITICS THE NUMBER COUNTS.SO YOUTHS SHOULD COME TOGETHER AND SET THE AGENDA ON HOW WE UPROOT CORRUPTION IN THIS LAND. NIGERIANS SHOULD LEARN HOW TO READ. OUR READING CULTURE IS TOO LOW AND WITH THIS WE ARE ENSLAVED BY THESE ROUGUES IN GOVERNMENT.


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