Have you ever envisaged an internet penetration at 100% in interior villages and minor residents where broadband connection is little to none? The possibility of such is clearly a doubt to many. nevertheless, it’s actually not a daylight dream, but rather an actualization forwarded by SpaceX’s CEO, Elon Musk in a project codenamed Starlink.

Starlink aims to make use of circulating satellites around the Earth’s atmosphere to provide broadband internet to all parts of the globe, hopefully, at a much reduced fee.

To achieve the purpose, the project aims to put up about 4200 of these satellites; with 420 of it presently now in orbit.

While our contemporary broadband service providers make use of communication structures to rebound signals to our devices, starlink’s satellite internet wouldn’t need such, thereby eliminating certain costs.

What is starlink comprehensively all about?
The “Starlink — internet from space” project is fully funded and executed by a private space services company, SpaceX. The founder of the California based firm is Elon musk, who doubles as a major shareholder in the leading electric car manufacturing company — Tesla. Musk hopes to evade infrastructural costs associated with the present telecom broadband services.

Read more: https://telcoinsider.com/ng-en/news/starlink-internet-satellites/

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Even though new ways of spreading the Internet appear I think there still be many issues we face these days. For example, in most cases, people will still use VPN for Public Wi-Fi because it's cheaper than using mobile data. Although, I hope the satellites will change it in the near future.


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