Special Imformation on JAMB Admission Letter Printing

JAMB Admission Letter Printing Notice.

Some persons online also claim that if candidates does not have the JAMB admission letter purchased through them, such candidates were not actually admitted, even when their names appeared on their school’s admission list. That’s a fallacy!

There are a lot of reasons why some candidates’ name may be on school’s admission list but not on Jamb website and thus cannot print the Jamb admission letter. Such candidates admission are very much valid!

Let’s clear some misconceptions with the following points;

1) Ideally, the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) had sole responsibility to determine who was admitted into any higher institution in Nigeria, but now, the schools actually has the final say on who gets admitted, and thus is the only place you can really get help whenever you have trouble with your admission.

2) JAMB does not have any other way to determine who is qualified for admission but through the schools who organized Post Utme screening tests. The admission lists on JAMB website were first approved by the schools. If you get the... Read more: https://www.campusportalng.com/jamb/jamb-printed-admission-letter-n...

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