South East Governors Plot Against Kalu •Abia Lawmakers Plan Mass Defection To APGA

The governors, it was said, were miffed by the political antics of Kalu, which they claimed bordered on purely selfish ambition to take power at all cost in the coming general elections.

“The governors who all virtually tasted the bitter pills of godfatherism agreed to be united in fighting the cankerworm and to deal with Kalu politically for his overbearing attitude that has constantly resulted to loggerheads with his governors,” Saturday Independent learnt.

About time!
Whatever has finally removed the scales from their eyes is very welcome.
To be associated with a man like orji uzor kalu is not something any sane person would welcome; when you throw IBB into the mix, it just turns even more sordid.
I have no sympathy for the south east governors, whom i see as non performers, especially theodore orji, but as the old saying goes, "any enemy of my enemy is my friend", therefore, i'm definitely with them on this.
Whatever his motives, securing his loot or scheming for IBB's deputy, whatever truncates these has my wholesome support!!

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