'Someone stole my phone and withdrew over N180k from my account within 3hrs'

A netizen has taken to social media to share how his phone was stolen and N180,000 transferred from his account.

N8bn CBN Currency Scam: Court Orders EFCC To Produce 106 Boxes Containing Stolen Money - InsideBusiness - Business News in Nigeria

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Read his story below;

"Good evening all I’m gonna make this very brief plz I need help

Someone stole my phone this morning and within 3hrs i opened my bank app only to realize they’ve taken over 180k from my account with the bank description of “intrabank charges”

I called UBA immediately and still went to their branch they got my account frozen with the account where the money was transferred to because it’s also a UBA account

I’ve written the letter they asked me to write and they said they’ll get back to me within 5 working days

Now since there’s a valid recipient account where the money was transferred to is there no way I can catch the culprit with help of the police? My iPhone 11promax of barely 6months gone with money

I had to call MTN too to block my SIM

Please is it possible to get the person tracked and arrested

Modes please move to front page Lemme know my next action thanks

NB: both my account and fraudsters account where he sent the money to has been frozen by UBA because we use same bank."

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