– ELDERS and leaders of the
South-South region have condemned the
activities of Boko Haram, describing it as an
orchestrated plot by a tiny minority to make
the country ungovernable under President
Goodluck Jonathan.
South South Peoples Assembly, an umbrella
body of people of the region, in a statement
by Ambassador Mathew Mbu, Justice
AdolphusKaribi-Whyte (rtd) and Dr. Kalada
Iruenabere called on President Jonathan to
fish out sponsors of the terrorist religious
sect for prosecution.
They called Boko Haram a political tool in the
hands of a small group it described as
“power merchants and economic parasites,”
seeking to achieve their earlier threat made
during the struggle for Jonathan’s
presidency to destabilise the nation.
The group said: “SSPA does not believe that
the Boko Haram of today is the offshoot of
the one crushed by the Yar’Adua
administration. Rather, we are convinced
that the name has become a metaphor for a
more sophisticated struggle for political
power. We daresay that it is a tool in the
hands of those who threatened to make this
country ungovernable and who lectured us
on the inevitability of violent change in the
heat of the struggle for the Jonathan
“Boko Haram cannot be pursuing a religious
agenda. It should be obvious that exploding
bombs in Abuja will do very little to advance
the cause of its fanatical Islamic ideology.
“On the contrary, we are convinced that the
group’s agenda, clearly that of its urbane
sponsors, is to make the presidency of
Goodluck Jonathan unworkable.”
Source: Vanguard, 29th August 2011.

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whichever one nigerians are dying in their hundreds.

Whether their mission is religious or political, onething is clear, they are shadding the blood of the innocent and are threatening the peace and unity of this country.  The south may not keep silent for too long because no tribe has the monopoy of violence.

What then is ur solution?

Solution lies in their laying down their arms and allowing peace to reign or continue and have Nigeria divided.  A section of the country cannot continue to be a sacrificial lamb all the time.

Eze, Uche Eze said:

What then is ur solution?

Two wrongs can never make a right, we must not go into violence because of their stupid acts. lets our national heads go into dialogue to ensure that this devastating and disheartening hydra headed monster are flushed through the pipe of oblivion.



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