Solutions for Security Cameras That Show Pink Images

Security cameras, just like other kinds of cameras can malfunction and may require maintenance from time to time. One of these malfunctions could include your security camera showing pink images/footage. This problem is actually not uncommon as it can happen with any brand of CCTV cameras where the whole footage turns pink. If such happens, you need to attend to the issue quickly because it reduces the quality of your footage and does not add to keeping your property secure.

Why your security camera may show pink images

Your security camera may show pink images for several reasons. It could be because of wrong settings, faulty firmware or software, or an environmental issue. However, the most common cause is a malfunctioning infrared light filter. An infrared light filter is a color filter that blocks infrared lighting. The IR cut filter toggles off and on automatically to filter invisible light. It can get stuck in night mode and could result in a pink screen.

How to fix it

Here are some ways you can use to fix the CCTV pink image/footage problem.

1. Reset the camera

Simply unplug the camera and wait for a little while before plugging it back in. If your camera is rechargeable or battery-powered, you can restart it by removing the battery and replacing it or using the app. This does the trick sometimes.

2. Reset the IR LED board

Resetting the IR LED board can be done by turning it off and on through the camera settings or by disconnecting the cable to the camera and reconnecting it after a few seconds. Your camera’s manual will have more information on how to go about this process.

3. Magnetic solution

You can also use a magnet to remove a locked IR cut filter by performing a sweeping motion on the lens of the camera. This should make the picture colour return to normal.

If none of the above method worked, here are some other fixes that you could try;

Ensure that the camera is clean, inside and outside, check the image settings for any irregularities, try a factory reset, or replace the IR cut filter. If none of these solutions work, then you should contact the company to provide help. Reputable brands would be more than happy to guide you or direct you to where you can get it fixed.

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