Prayer is paramount no matter who you are or religious background, you must pray for Nigeria.

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Although i can`t konw all the mains you want to say. But i think i can feel it.
prayer works when there is will power. Nigeria need more than prayer to move forward bcos heaven helps those who help themselves. 
Prayer should be accompanied by a goodwill to change and to act , students study and pray to pass , players train and pray to win, but prayer alone will not change any thing.
Nigeria cant stand,lets divide this nation.
Prayer provides answers to all problems in life. Fervant prayers move mountains and draw us closer to God.  Men who pray win the battles of live without stress.  No wonder the bible urges men to pray always raising up holy hands.
prayer works wonders in our lives.only if we can be able to stand firm with a pure heart.*prayer answers all things..
it sure does work, but without faith, hmmmm.......
Yeah without faith it is impossible to please God.


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