Solo travel or travelling with BAE: Which is better?

If you're playing with the idea of either exploring a destination alone or with a partner, let's help you out with some pros and cons.
There are so many things that can go either wrong or right while on a trip either by yourself or with a partner. However, that does not take away the special moments each experience has.

Going solo
Some people are so scared of travelling alone. That might be due to concerns about safety, feelings of loneliness,being too expensive or having no-one to take your travel photos. However, these are just myths and light challenges that can simply be overcome. Solo travel is an adventure on its own that can even become quite addictive. Check out this solo traveller's guide to Nigeria » .

1. You can do exactly as you please
2. Once you’ve travelled the world by yourself, anything seems possible
3. Lots of time for reflection
4. It’s easier to meet people and make new friends!
5. You discover who you really are.

1. It can get lonely at times
2. When things go wrong, there’s no one to share the burden with
3. When things are amazing, there’s no one to share the experience with
4. Most of your photos will be selfies. This can easily be overcome by politely approaching strangers/other tourists to take pictures of you.
5. You actually discover who you really are

Going as a couple
A couple that travels together stays together... or do they? Travelling with someone or as a group » can go so well and so horribly wrong. It's not all fun and games as you now have to share most experiences.

1. Splitting the cost of accommodation, food, and transport makes the trip altogether cheaper
2. You get to create memories and bond with your partner
3. There’s someone else to help you problem solve and help you carry your bags!
4. You have your own personal photographer
5. There’s a bit of safety in numbers
6. Creates a more lasting bond in your relationship.

1. Arguments make the journey a chore
2. Having to do things the other person wants to do so as to be accommodating
3. Not as easy to meet fellow travellers
4. You’ll inevitably discover new things that frustrate you about your partner
5. After travelling together, your relationship may never be the same
What type of travel do you prefer?

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Travelling with your significant other favors improvement of relationships according to multiple researches. Whenever I have an opportunity I try to go out of city with my SO, it is romantic and adventurous (I usually plan activities and tours beforehand, using one of these services ).


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