Compiled by Arogbonlo Israel

In a bid to promote poetry, Vanguard gathered works from different poets on the subject matter: Soldier, bringing to limelight some of the notable deeds by these unsung heroes of our time. Happy read!

Legends' dieyoung

My heart was full of sickness
when the crowd morns
the sky cried even not beaten by heat
like the river of benue

Such as the world ocean
We shed tears.

Like the desert as no fruit
such as your dead has no favour
Like the sun beats so hardly
such as that we live in morns
we cried out louder than hooker
and our voice was louder than gun
ancestors are no more to serve us right
your absence makes us ghost walking in midst of beings
We missed you young legends
But you exist through your lines in poetry

By Balogun Abdullateef


Gongs of war calling out at dawn.
A sound recognized only by the brave and fearless.
Determined to protect family and country.
With helmets, boots, AK's, daggers, guts and the badge.
The green white green worn with pride.

Boots to cross enemy lines with great vigor.
And bullets fired into the heart of chaos.
An act of valor.
All for the love of country.

But war drinks from both cups of blood.
Snatching young and old.
An ever present reality.
Reinforced by the hate that is in man,
The failure of reason,
The ineptitude of the men in high places.

For our soldiers are still unequipped,
Forced to their deaths with swords in gun fights.
Severed from families, colleagues and country,
Fathers, sons, daughters lost to the Armageddon,
Leaving tears, pain, regrets,
And a river of blood that never runs dry.

By L C. Iheduru


The one who war gave to me,
In the battle field,
Where we protect lives
With all we have,
Even with our last breath.

We’ve sworn
To fight to the end
Even if it costs our lives
Perhaps we never knew
How the end comes
In death or victory

Yours end in death
Right here in my arms
In the heat of this fight
My heart bleeds, brother!
My eyes rains a river

You left me broken,
If life shows me mercy,
If victory meets me alive,
Out of this jungle
I will tell your story

The story of my brother
Farewell my hero!

By Pattzy Amaka Peters

I shout for life

Pangs of sorrow

Clamour for resilience
For days swept swiftly by the eerie wind

A bodacious fellow conscripted into the battlefield
Hold him!
Bind him fast I say!

Let us rescue him from this isthmus of quietus
For there are fields unsown
Lands unfertilized

Comrade!open thy eyes
Let me not set homeward alone
Let me not take the insignia alone

Awake!the earth deserves you not
Alanka appraises your heroic deeds
Awake from this beguile of the cosmos.

By Okoronkwo Chisom

The future is here! His heart cries

Somewhere under the blues he lies
Everyone's far from him
His hope is crushed in his thought
And his shadows covered with black blood
As he crosses over to the other side he whispers
The blade has a voice, soft as a tissue paper
Has a smile, that slices my skin without my consent
Yesterday was good
Today isn't better
I may not have tomorrow
But I had yesterday

Complicating isn't it?
To this corrupt world opened his ignorant eyes to see
On this dirty ground stepped his innocent feet to walk
It's filthiness stinks
Yet the innocent survive
It's pain is scorching
But the ignorant lives
He has delivered me to where I am
I smile in pain
A tear in my laughter
It's a mystery
Yet known to one.

By Olalekan Grace

The Sacrifice

Tomorrow died yesterday
as your eyes closed,
our bodies reeking
of death and smoke-
a repeat of Abel's sacrifice;
smoke running to the sky,
a blood bleeding to be heard.

"Where is thy brother?"

I swear we went North - together,
swearing an oath
to wear the smile of Victor's
after this episode of wars is over.

And I promise,
though his death
bleeds on my skin,

I promise,
I am not his killer;
I am just a brother
Who failed to be the sacrifice.

By Prince Francis

"Rage till death!"

"Rage till death!"
Annihilated; both us and mother earth...
Placed at the middle of battle fields
Between two cruel nations
Who'll never yield
To peace, serenity and oneness.
We die each passing second; paying for their blindness.
Oh! Nations against nations...
Our demise; blood spilled for their actions.
Aren't we flesh and blood?
Why condemn us to rot in our pride's mud?
Ignoring the cries of our fathers, mothers,
Uncles, aunties, sisters and brothers...

"Rage till death!"
Twirling, tangling and dangling
In the net of our mishandling...
Nets keeping us still and spilling on us gun powder.
Perishing for our mothers land
Who neglected dialogues power!
Oh! Look; he's dead in this open trance.
Knowledge they say, is power, but you chose ignorance...
What now, do I owe to his dead and desolate soul?
A letter to his naively happy parents at home?
Take a slow glance; our pain, agony and perpetual strife...
Our cessation, from our dedicated miserable lives.
I'm bleeding in tears. Why, why, why?
He had no chance
From "rage till death!".

Yes, we ain't Christ, but we die for your sake and wrong cause - it's a curse...
But we matter. So let's fight for the right cause.
Let us gladly roll in sands,
Soak in muddy pools, kill with our bloody hands,
Bear the burden of sorrows and deaths
For lives we take by our black hearts...
For"we're dead men with breathing hearts",
"Leaves with no stalks",
" Soldiers condemned to battle without weapons".
But never end a man before his dying day;
So spare us an inconsiderate war today -
From "rage till Death!"

By Jacob. L. Wisdom

Men of Sword, Men of Guard

Whatever keeps their strength high
Whatever keeps their feet up
Whatever keeps their heart strong
Is nothing than that of courage and brave.

Mighty men of sword,so strong
Mighty men of guard, so gallant
Are the soldiers pride and creed
The Nations keeper and watcher.

Surging through the paths of death
Matching across the lakes of fire
Crawling under the pools of swamp
Salvaging the held,the nations peace.

At no ease do they match forward
At no comfort do they watch
At rainfall, sunshine and moonlight
Even awake at cozy nights watching.

What hoo' oh zondus to you gallants
What loo' oh Signors do thou live for
Thou art the Nations amarantine,
The keeper and safety of the inlands.

Men of sword, men of guard
The Nations arm and strength
So brave are you that while others run
Standeth thee to watch the borders.

By Anyanwu Chidera

Only a soldier

Strong and powerful
Standing tall like the giant sequoia
Strong-willed like an iron
A hardworking, focus, conscientious,
Morally upright dogged and rugged man
Always scooping all settlements
And living in tents in the jungle
He's always willing to fight
Just to save his country.

Oh, only a soldier!
He's always working tirelessly
In the scorching sun;
In the harmattan whistling foggy wind;
And in the rains
He dare to challenge the lions
And roar louder
He always howls like the wolves
In the cruel dark night.

Oh, only a soldier!
He's ever on his kneels
Constantly seeking God's face
He leaves behind everything he loves
His family, his home
For months or even years
And ever sacrificing his life
Yet, he's always on duty
Just to save our lives.

Oh, only a soldier!
He fears no stains
For stains are the beauty of his work
Sometimes he wins the war
Sometimes his life is destroyed
Yet, he is unshaken and not bothered
He is just satisfied saving his country!
Oh, only a soldier!
Oh, great man!
May the Almighty’s grace be on your side for ever!

By Abdulbasit Momohjimoh


Naked upon my logged eyes
Slain reality and jarred REMs
Clay with heavy foot
Play with enemies' tooth.

Life lay waste as time stale
Time gasp for breathe
Its soul hangs in my teeth
My loin carries its nipped spirit.

Who'll save me from self?
Is it you locked in twilight
Or another basking in gun powder?
or they whose triggers quenched my thirst?

My world lost in your world
Our worlds lost in egos
My earth lost in earth
Our earth lost with thanos.

By Alex Kalex

Sad flute

The arsenal of death is open,
The die is cast and our fate sealed.
We are armed with grenades and bullets,
Our hands are poised to kill,
Masked With red blood shot eyes,
And our fears are frozen from within,
We know exactly what we are to face.
But we parade proudly in our khakis and helmets,
Ready for the unknown tale of honour.

Suddenly, the bombing and shooting start,
Comrades crouching at the bullet sound,
Even the soil beneath shook in torment.
It came too early, too close to take cover.
I hear voices echoing, deep and strong,
Among comrades all on the raid,
But others caught in the open fire on fire.
All Falling like torrential summer rain,
Under the sheet of raining danger.

I dashed fearlessly to save my falling comrade,
But too late, I was to count a gain.
As I held him in my arms soaked in his blood,
blood gushing like a fading sound of a sad flute,
I saw the pain in his eyes, the struggle to live.
My heart grew emptier and eyes wearier than ever,
I realized how futile it was to kill for peace,
But then, he whispered to me his last words,
We live or die but our honour live on forever.

By Christian Gabriel

Come on

In the midst of the pain
Hope filled my heart
Never thought it will be in vain
Not after rolling through the dirt.

There stood a bright dark cloud
Taking away the shade
Agony's voice screamed loud
There his body laid.

Stand up! Would you?
Not willing to take the walk alone
We agreed on something new
Never imagined a death zone.

By Michael Ephraim

Tears of the rising sun

Arise O' compatriot,
They called,we obeyed.

There's a country in premonition,
Resting in Limbo,
Waiting for resurrection,
Seen with the eagle's eye,
Only the voice of bullets,
Thousands to approximate,
And tons of carats,
Can give it an autonomy.

Slavery was our " teacher",
"Master" our aspiration,
Heads high,gun in Hand,
We bid farewells to our wives and kids,
Prayers was said,
Sons encouraged,
The journey began,
Smoke in air,
Voices everywhere,
There was an inferno,
And earth was in turmoil,
Our hearts were braved,
The decision has been made,
Bodies littered,
Homes destroyed,
We were fierce like terror,
Getting close to the last line.

Our feet echoed
As we marched in unison,
Waiting to raise it high,
The flag, Red, Green, Black,
Wave it in the air,
Our trigger quenched our thirst,
The waste of our enemies,
Gave us multiple orgasms,
Tickling us from head to toe.

Unknown to us,
Greed and betrayal has been sown,
Watered and ready to be harvested,
It's harvest was bountiful,
As patriotic soldiers lay dead,
As their blood oozed in irregular motion,
They couldn't fight it.

Together, we sang this,
"We shall emerge triumphant from this ordeal"?
If wishes were horses,
We never saw the finish line,
The sun never rose,
But dawn on us,
That flag was never raised,
In memorial of the faithful lost,
I dish their tears,
In shades of red,
Pain, anger,betrayal,
And yellow of fire,
And sun yet to rise.
While I clad in black,
And mourn till I Die.

Dead or alive,
Whichever way,
I will be gone nevertheless,
Let my blood flow
In lines of anger,
Into the veins of the earth,
To birth Heroes again,
Who will raise this flag,
Not as subsequent garment of mourning,
But that of Victory,

I can feel their hands,
Clinging to mine,
And their voices calling my name.
While I'm gone,
Make this country's name known.

By Precious Cole


Mama warned.. "please don't go to war.."
Sister cried.. "Why fight another man's battle..?"
But he left through the backdoor for war
He sneaked out to fight his country's battle.

He gave his lover his words that he'll come home
He partied with fellow soldiers like it's their last night
They promised themselves not die away from home
But to return in glory and victory after the fight.

He wore his helmet, tied his boots and cocked his gun
He joined to chant in unison "Not today!"
He recalled his Mama's words, wished not to have gone
But hears commander's voice "let's save our country today!"

The war is served, very spicy, hot and aromatic
With some grenades and bullets as snacks
Glasses of fresh blood to cheer and drink
Cut arms and legs to serve as meat
What a lunch he never expected.

Mate! never cry for him, be proud of him
Tell Mama his Son died a great soldier
Tell his lover he has gone home anyway
Tell his country he sacrificed his life
So that she can live to remember him!

By Chikamso Okoye

After the war

Life is warfare thought I understood
Until I watched men fall by every weapon's tool.

Fighting for the conflict we didn't start.

We obey orders of those who do not care about our lives.

My tears flow like a river, yet a fake smile paddle its boat on my pains.
When hands are stuck on triggers, I saw heads dangle looking for necks to hang and in so many cases, innocent civilians died-yes my Dad.

The shutter of guns sings my own dirge,
smokes ascend to heaven, smelling like burnt offerings.
Even when my cry echoes, the bombs dance to the rhythm of my broken voice.

For what course is this fight?, I'm even at war with my own fright. There's no place to run, for I might not live to fight again.
My brother is gone, and upon his family at home is the tattooed scar.

Though the war has ended but the scenes still battle my mind.

By Emmanuel Success


As I pen this
My tear glands are filled
Like a beaten child
Cautioned with the rod
But forbidden to cry.

Day in day out
Our soldiers risk their lives
Fighting a just cause
That you and I may live
And live as free born.

They chose the part of honour
Serving their fatherland
Serving with hopes
United by a common cause
That we may be secured.

These Soldiers have parents
They left the cossyness of their wife
The joys their children exhibit
While we wear designers
They are sentenced to their camouflage.

I did not serve but Grandpa served
I did not serve but Daddy served
I did not serve but Uncle served
As they tell stories by moonlight
Tears flowed freely.

Distance can be a barrier
But not in the spiritual
As they push insurgents out
Push them also in prayers
A prayer laden with expectations.

Yes! God answers prayers
Yes, He answers prayers
In your times of solitude
By whatever power you conceive greater
Remember our Soldiers in prayers.

Have you ever been in a near death situation?
With death flying around like bullets
These bullets are music to Soldiers
But they signed up
That you and I may live.

To our fallen heroes
Your labours are not in vain
You are the reason we celebrate
Carved in our hearts
Are your plaques of honour and excellence
Till we meet to part no more.
By Babatunde Raimi

The soldiers' cry

I am a soldier.
There’s a war we face,
It is characterized by insecurity, isolation, loneliness
And separation from family.

My brothers in arms
are heroes,
Fighting for freedom and safety,
Fighting to keep the flag flying while our children and countrymen all sleep.
There is a burden a soldier bears. It is the burning desire to save lives.
It is what I live for.
It is what I am determined to die for.

In an attempt to save others,
In an attempt to make others smile,
I and my brothers must suffer sleepless night,
Endure hunger and have courage enough
To look at death in the eye.
The cry of a soldier may not be loud
But sometimes we drink our own tears from groaning.

Under the sun or in the rain
A soldier must answer to duty. We are like the monument in the roundabout.
We undue every weather and stand erect,
Not wavering to the left or right.

Wonder not why we do this.
For there is nothing loftier or more worthy an ambition
Than to die for one's country.
Our love for the country is unconditional
And though we hear of our politicians misbehaviour,
We are not tempted to oust them. Our ambition is to leave a legacy.

Yes, legacy is really higher
Than all our individual ambitions combined.

There's only one way to live.
It is to leave a legacy.
There is only one way to die
And it is to die defending a legacy.

By Ediomo Isung

A Soldier's cry

Jagged heart
Souls plead
Voices cry
No time to bleed.

Whispers linger In the night
Death all around
Horrible sight


Face to face
You're just like me
Sad to think War has to be.

Killing fields
Battle sweeps
End is near
Soldier's weep.

By Okike Martin

My war is done!


The heavy baggage I carry with me,
everywhere I go.

Guilty as charged
for making a widow
out of a bride
an orphan
out of a child
corpse out of a life!

The sharp pebbles of pain
that cuts through my heart
every night, in my dreams
when I see the enemy
whose life I took

No one,
can understand my pain,
rains of agony I reap from the war I fought, tooth and nail and came out unscratched
but for my bruised heart.

'Gun' too far
when called to war,
I went rogue
venting my revenge
killing blindly.
vanquish and villian,
innocent and guilty
women and children.

All massacred
by my bullet and bomb
yet, almost unready
to quit the field.

It was sudden!
Mission goes awry
enemy attacked
war gong rang
close to home...

Hell let loose
havoc was wrecked
amidst the ruins
boy from alphabeta
a circumstantial soldier
found, drenched in blood,
body shredded
when pulled from debris
there was no breathe!

Child of my loin
butchered on my soil
What's my gain
a heart wrenching pain
Oh fatal loins!
My war is done!

Now I must pause
to count my loss.

By Baseerah Ribigbe

This but the 'Gothic' of my calling

Whilst I was there, I was dared as a dear.
I was dared to swing under
the auspices of the sucker,
dance upon the lace of pangs;
I was dared to spin swiftly like tornados toil.

Had I retreated whilst I was there
to tint my door and my heart,
Hiding, at the face of a staggered nation!
Had I looked upon the sky
to see dagger's handwriting so that I feared
and melt and fled and trembled!
Had I remember'd how harshly
this coward country treats me; how unwanted they fare me well!
Had I remember'd the hunger that strikes me and the monsters that hate me;
monsters with dusty buttocks and faded fashions,
With empty ink and of faulty cranium.

Had I remember'd mama's words
that my little boy nurses his thirst on
every tick tock to see fine father again!
How about the treasure that fills my heart
dumped I to solo-self?
Our beautiful home though carved under an hut, yet I'm loved and wanted,
wanted to be felt in presence
rather than where all in contempt treat me,
Still, I filtered all excuse to fight-for-all.

Alas! I chose deserts over jungle
And lifeless rocks over reefs,
Pain over pleasure, risk over reason
I chose patriotism over responsibility;
I followed the Bentham word
And wheeled my greatest good to all;
I chose the state as my home
And staged my home on a roam;
I chose the nation to save her,
whilst my mum and relatives all together bid me well - swallowing nauseous salivas.

And lo!, my lot, the emboss'd me now here
lying helpless on the fate of fallen faiths,
stained with bloods pools of gust
Whilst I see my sword buri'd in the mud.
Look, Captain look, wipe off the dreaded rain that reign on thy golden face, for I hear thee.
Hear me, thou Colonel, look before thou leap to a lessen'd bread:
for 'tis not yet over, though thou doest brave
just that my nigh turn only mould my clay, to pave my way.

Disregard the lifeless lying body here!
At least see me as I walk,
can't thou see as I hug thee in tears?
Hear oh hear me thou citizens;
hear me as I beat the drums of pride
upon thine heart; as I ring thine thoughts to
plot thy parts in saving this home;
Hear my spirit and feel my icy hands that cool thy hurt, Weep no more: For I go not
before my shedding blood for all;
I'd only be gone when thou owe no peace to thine state.

Recall I could have prevented this, but it just didn't work, now I go, just hear me and be fine
Whilst I join the poltergeists to find
peace and meet home at yonder;
Hear me and be fine.

Sweet Mom and home and wife and son
Taste my love in your daily meal
Feel my trust and my comfort too
For though I go, yet I'm not gone.

By Michael Williams

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