Now that the summer is in sight and the sun is coming out more and more, solar panels are a lucrative and clean form of energy generation. The solar panels are not cheap to buy and place, so it is nice if you are sure that they are well insured. But, do you have to take out a isolate protection approach for your sun oriented boards or do they fall under your household insurance or home insurance?

Residential property

If you are the owner of a house and decide to install solar panels on your roof, these are usually covered by the coverage of your building insurance. A building insurance reimburses everything that is attached to your house. In houses with a sloping roof, the solar panels are mounted on the house. In houses with a flat roof, the solar panels are often loose on the roof. In this case, some insurers do not charge the solar panels under the building insurance.

Rental home

When you rent a home you do not have to take out insurance. This is done by the homeowner. If you decide to install solar panels yourself, you will have to insure them with your home contents insurance. The solar panels then fall under the ‘tenant’s interest’. This tenant’s interest includes all changes you make to your home, such as a new kitchen.


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