Smart tips to keep up with your project supervisor

On choosing their final year project topics, undergraduates are assigned a project supervisor; in some cases however, Supervisors are assigned first before project topics approval is made. Whichever way it applies to you, it takes the collaboration of project students and their supervisors to successfully complete a final year project.

Project supervisors are assigned not for formalities but to guide students structurally on the presentation of final year project research and ensure proper documentation. However, it is very necessary that you learn to establish a cordial relationship with your supervisor for a smooth progress of your project. Two cannot work together except they agree. You will be guided on smart tips on how to keep up with your supervisor in this quick article.

Keeping up with your project supervisor

Ask for permission to contact him/her

Calling expressly without due permission seems like a bridge of privilege to some people. So it does no harm to first ask for permission. It shows how much you wish to keep the communication line open with due regard.

Be thoughtful about gifting

You don’t have to gift someone, even your supervisor only when they ask. It makes more sense when you are thoughtful about gifting what he or she really needs. As little as a cup of surprise morning coffee can brighten your supervisor’s day. It strengthens your relationship with your supervisor.

Set appointment date and time

You should also ask your supervisor to fix an appointment date and time that suit his schedule. You should do so to avoid showing up at the wrong time or day, it will also help your research progress.

It’s not bad if you send a reminder of your appointment prior to the set date.

Take note of remarks and corrections

If you want to constantly impress your project supervisor, ensure to effect remarks and corrections made in your previous file before re-submission.   Do not be incorrigible, pay attention to correction.

Ask questions

Make your appointment days engaging when you ask necessary questions about your research. It is best to ask open ended questions so that the answers and response you get will be elaborate.

Keep to time and date

Show diligence when you keep to appointment dates and time. Be sure to prepare your documents before the set date.

The place of a project supervisor in your research is to guide you and make the most of his/her audience, you must maintain a healthy relationship not forgetting to accord due respect to his office as a lecturer.

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