The bid by Christ Embassy, one of the popular Pentecostal denominations in the country, to help its members inculcate the culture of saving and thrift is now becoming a thing of sorrows, as sinful members of the church have done something that has turned the house of God into a den of suspects.
In a bid to be among those who testify in church to speedy progress four members of the church engaged in what the police suspect is fraudulent in the microfinance bank, popularly known as ‘parralex,’ established in church premises in Lagos. Those person have allegedly diverted over N 60 million into two dedicated personal accounts and shared it among themselves.

The bubble, recently burst out when the security agents and auditors visited the bank.

On the last day, many person will definitely miss heaven oooooooo!!!!

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Comrade,does it means that the above mentioned church does not have a capable committe?Don't they render account monthly or yearly?Are these persons involved not christains to have known what will be the gravity and consequence of such act?

This is incrediable Oh! I think we should also take a critical look at other churches so that it won't appear as if we are painting the aforementioned church black.I wonder if heaven is made for animals or humans because,as things stand,we don't know whom to call born again any more.
The commitee members may not solved the problem, if the members of the commitee are not clean.
The foundation of those churches are what have to be examined carefully in Nigeira now.
Let`s say for example, C A N suppose to be the only official body that can handle church problems.
C A N (Christians association of Nigeria)body, if they want to solve all these problems among their members, it is a good thing. But they can do anything about it, because not all these members of the C A N as leaders and founders of their respectives churches can have confident in themselves to be free of all these accusations against churches in Nigeria. Truth may be bitter, but truth will always be truth.
External organisation body, should be ready to come in any situation, whereby C A N cannot act well, say the Government body, EFCC etc.
Example, in recent time, if we can check the news about Catholic churches child abuse thing. Some of the cases are already in the court too. Worshiping God is very important and good for society, but religion should not be used to exploit members of society.
point am making here.
"there is no church without sinner" but why must the members keep copying the physical appreace of their pastor instead of the spritual.
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