The life of asians and its cultures has been affected by the african life style,which i think improve the relationship between the african and asians,both in business and social life.Alot of effort has been made to deliver our message to the world in many ways and styles,In this so many countries has exprence the life of a black race or its culutres.There are no land today without a black race,But today many of these black people are manily from africa (NIGERIA).There is an irony that says no land without a nigerian,which means that nigerian, among the whole nations are the most popular more than any other countries.

      In the origin of china,the black came and discovered the real source of making wealth with the people of the land.many thing were brought from africa to develop the real mineral of the land ,likewise from china to africa.In meaning,the business ties were made okay with the nigerians and the asians,

 in the modern china of today the development has gone far to elevate from business to art and cultures that relate to the world of today one can easliy indentified whom you are from your ways of your culture you perform.Alot of books,magazine,movies,expositions and many more show has been use to introduce our ways of life in china.Now in china,the new ways of living has grew up in a global ways.generally speaking the ASSIOCITION OF NIGERIAN COMMUNITY IN CHINA,has discovered that alot of young men and women has great talent that will be useful to our society.But due to hardship in our country nigeria that face alot of people out from there real work of life to odd jobs.From the good works of the president of the community MR EMMA OJUKWU,who has also programmed future for the young ones.He set up a group that search for the young stars in asia (CHINA).And will be hosting a show here in china and also a talent hunt shows,and Nigerian day will also help to introduce to the chinese that we nigerians are not only business people but also love art and we have singers and actors and actress ,many musicians and alot of comedians,and so many areas as writers and directors of movies and sounds,they will also be a workshop to train people of various talent.many nigerian stars will be performing on the nigerian day celebration,and also many lectures will be given towards our cultural heritage,All these are the good work of the president EMMA OJUKWU and his good ambition to the people of nigerian in china.LETS join hand to make nigerian great,And get ready for the BANG IN CHINA from the asociation of nigerian community project.           ONOWU reporting from china a.n.c.c.

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