Should We Still Be Adhering To These Foreign Habits?

My dear brothers and sisters, I was watching the news today and saw our Lawyers and Judges and the way they were dressed. It reminded me of the way these people, that is Lawyers and Judges, also dress in the UK! This I believe is one of the reasons why we have not moved forward as a nation. I better explain this quickly since what I am trying to convey is; the fact that we have not moved forward because we are copying customs and traditions that are foreign to us, like our Democratic System, an Hybrid of two types of western democratic systems; and foreign religions!

Our Lawyers and Judges should not still be dressed the way our old Colonial Masters dress in their Courts. We should replace those hedious wigs with our traditional Caps and Hats! Next time you guys watch American Court scenes, observe and see if they wear those stupid stuff on their heads! You would never believe that the USA was a former Colony of Great Britain and that is what we should be doing!

We should not speak English in our Houses of Parliament. We must employ translators to translate all the languages of the members of both Houses in order to sever this invincible ambilical cord that still exists between our country and our old colonial masters! We need to start moving forward and do things our way, like building our own motor cars, computers, and rockets, instead of listening to the peoples that speak with fork tongues!

Computer scientists were gathered at a three-day symposium in Teheran, that is Iran,  and I was disappointed that we did not have representatives at the event! We need our own technology instead of wasting money on foreign purchases of technological equipments. We have universities and we must invest in our universities in order to produce our own technologists and engineers!


What do you think?

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I lk dis ur contributn.B4 9ja can move 4ward we've 2stop copyg whiteman.We nid create things on our own ie creativity.
It is bad that Nigeria imports thing like toothpicks and other nonsense into her shore. Our system,esp. education should be structured to champion collective and personal innovations and research.


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