I was reading one of the papers a few min ago with calls from an angle asking the acting president to probe the health state of the Mr Yar'Adua.
I for one thing that will an extreme thing to do,the finding of the probe will be tantamount to a coup.
If the acting president do it might be considered as a sign of unwillingness to return power to the president if eventually his health permits him to return to office.
What do u think people

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Probing Yaradua by Jonathan would be an effort in futility. The issue is that no body is wearing health proof jacket, the most important thing is that the office is no longer vacant and let us pray for him not to be swallowed up by PDP. PDP has a pedgree of not allowing their members in position of authority perform well.
Yaradua's position as the president of the country makes him a public property.He is not just Turaih's husband! Nigerians deserve to know his whereabout and his condition. Afterall his medical bills are being paid from the public treasury.Don't forget that Americans questioned Bill Clinton's personal (or rather "inappropriate") affairs with Monica Lewinsky. So i support that Jonathan should obtain as well as make public Yaradua's health condition; but if his wife and cronies think otherwise, then his medical bills must not be paid from the public treasury.
Nigeria can never gain anything good from this hide- and- seek game.
I have always been saying that, there are distractions. My kindid advice to the president is that, he should face the business of rulership and put aside anything that could cause distraction, so as allow peace to reign supreme in the country .
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