Someone categorically stated in my office yesterday afternoon that a sacrifice must be paid for something to be achieved. My question is "must the sacrifice be accepted only when the Christians are murdered, churches set on ablaze and Christians rendered homeless?"

The ideas of our leaders keeping mute all times and allow religious fanatics send innocent citizens to grave is becoming so alarming and unbearable. What do we tell the parents of the deceased? Should Easterners, Southerners and Westerners still allow their graduates to be sent to Northern part of the country in the name of NYSC again?

On Monday, I read Tinubu imploring Federal Government to compensate the family of the slain Corps Members as if that is enough to console the families of the deceased or consumerate with the great lost.

No one has suggested any concrete appropriate penalty for the killers. The crux of the matter is that if nothing is done this time; 2015 will record high percentage of Northern merciless killing exercise. Do we have to cross our legs, fold our arms and allow this ugly trend happen again?

If any Nigerian is comfortable with this, then that person should be sure of accepting greater tragedy or calamity of his life and family.

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The answer to all these anomalies is SUPREME NATIONAL CONFERENCE

where every nationality in Nigeria will be represented to discuss how,if we can live together as a Nation.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.


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